A Bunch of Dudes from Texas Decided to Mix Norteño with Punk Rock

Meet the boys from San Antonio band Piñata Protest:


They’re a band that describes themselves as a bordertown mash-up of The Ramones…

And Ramon Ayala.

Sounds like they nailed it:

Credit: mitu / YouTube

So where’d they get the idea to mix punk rock with Norteñas? From lead singer Alvaro Del Norte.


Del Norte, who was raised in a conservative Catholic family, fell in love with Nirvana as a teen.

Credit: Sam / Geffen / YouTube

He says his “cool Uncle” passed him a copy of Nirvana’s Incesticde, which sparked his interest in rock music.

Del Norte also grew up listening to Norteñas – but he says he wasn’t a fan. He was a punk rocker through and through.

But Del Norte says that as he grew older, he wanted to get back to his roots.

Del Norte decided to combine his love of punk rock and his newfound appreciation for Norteñas. So he learned to play accordion and started Piñata Protest.

With songs like “Campesino,” the band combines the social commentary of punk and the get-your-ass-up-and-dance vibe of Norteñas.

Go to one of their shows, and you’ll find yourself listening to intense two-minute punk songs…

Credit: pinataprotest / YouTube

And covers of classic tracks like “Volver, Volver.”

Credit: Roxie Nicole / YouTube

And sometimes – just so you don’t forget it’s rock ‘n roll – a smashed accordion.

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