A Border Vigilante Hunts Down Immigrants in the Intense Trailer for ‘Desierto’

“Welcome to the land of the free.”

The guys who brought you Gravity have come back down to Earth…and they want you to join them in a hot, barren desert. Mexican producer-director Alfonso Cuarón and his son, Jonas, are the minds behind Desierto, a new movie about a Minuteman-style border vigilante who hunts down a group of immigrants from Mexico. Gael García Bernal plays an immigrant who is crossing into the United States to reunite with his son when things go TERRIBLY wrong.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alfonso Cuarón spoke about one of the film’s themes, immigration. “The rhetoric [we hear] defines migrants as this abstract entity. That comes together with ‘swarms’… or ‘hordes’… or ‘aliens.’ And they’re devoid of humanity,” said Cuarón, who added: “I think it’s so important that the immigration has to be discussed from the standpoint of humanity, not from that of ‘the other.’”

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