Former ’90s Boy Bander Buys Jenni Rivera’s Mansion

When Jenni Rivera’s mansion was listed, we figured one of her super rich fans or close friends would try to buy the house. Never did we expect a former boy bander from the ’90s would buy her crib.

Nick Lachey just said “I do” to the $4.15 million home once owned by Jenni Rivera. La Diva de la Banda dropped $3.3 million on her Encino “dream home” in 2009, just a few years before she died tragically in a plane crash in 2012.

The Rivera family had the gorgeous house on sale for over a year before Lachey swooped it up. Lachey’s old home was in the same neighborhood and just sold for $3.995 million.

According to TMZ, the 10,000-square-foot mansion sits on four acres and has 10 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a private hiking trail, pool with a waterfall and crazy views.

You may catch a glimpse of the mansion in the Jenni Rivera biopic coming soon.

Does this mean 98 Degrees will be inspired to cover “Basta Ya”? We’d sure like to see them try.

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