9 Things Jennifer Lopez’s Outfits Reminded Us of During the AMAs

This year’s American Music Awards had LOTs of memorable moments: Demi Lovato performed “You Ougtta Know” with Alanis Morrissette, The Weeknd set the stage on fire (literally) and Justin Bieber closed the night by performing three songs. Jennifer Lopez, who was the host of the show, went through what looked like 53 outfit changes (it was actually 9). Here’s what most of us were probably thinking…

Hey, I feel like I’ve seen this outfit before… Oh yeah!

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

Man, I’m getting really thirsty right now…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty and Nicole A. / Yelp

Hmm… don’t forget to order a new bath mat…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

I wonder what the stars have for me this week?

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty and Univision

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You can’t get caught slippin’ around Jennifer Lopez…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

A nice little nap would hit the spot right now…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty and loungelizard.com

Don’t forget to pre-order those tix for the new Star Wars movie…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty and Wikimedia

J.Lo must have been taking fashion tips from Miley Cyrus, who dressed like Charo at 2015 VMAs…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty and Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Argh, I forgot to pin those black lace candles I saw the other day…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

What do you think, J.Lo?


It’s just jokes! ? We ❤️ you!

Credit: American Music Awards / Giphy

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