9 Reasons Why Lin-Manuel Miranda Is The Perfect Choice To Host SNL

Get those DVRs ready, kids. Lin-Manuel Miranda will be hosting the second episode of this season’s “Saturday Night Live.” There are so many reasons why the genius behind “Hamilton” deserves this spotlight, and it isn’t just because “SNL” has a notorious record of ignoring Latino talent. Here are nine reasons why Lin-Manuel Miranda is going to totally slay the SNL stage.

1. He is super inspirational.

That is definitely something we would all love to do.

2. Since Lin-Manuel Miranda was just a little kid, he showed a knack for performing.

usnavi / YouTube

Clearly, this man should have hosted the show a looong time ago.

3. The people clearly recognize him and his incredible work.

*purchases Hamlet tickets*

4. He is very dedicated to his fans and craft.

It helps that he is very comfortable with himself to really go for those out-there roles. #ShipGoals

5. Dude did a rap on International Women’s Day calling for equal pay.


“SNL” could use some more woke af people, imho.

6. He’s connected to the president so, duh.

whitehouse / Tumblr

One just can’t say no to the friends of the prez, OK?

7. He has increasingly become one of the most influential voices in America.

Have YOU ever tried to get a kid to eat a whole egg? #NotThatEasy

8. He is using his fame to get young people politically active, which is crucial this year.

You know, if SNL ever wanted some substantial content laced in with kick-ass comedy. #Ham4Vote

9. But, mainly, because he is Lin-Manuel Miranda!

let-ig-g / Tumblr

My heart, try to be still. ?

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