9 Times Bilingual People Just Have To Use Spanish

No matter what language you speak most of the time, there are moments when only Spanish makes sense. I mean, I don’t make the rules, I just abide by them whenever I stub my toe or see a cute puppy. Here, let me show you what I mean:

1. The tinier the animal, the more Spanish you need.

Credit: YouTube / UFOs And Aliens

Look at the little puppy tan lindo y bonito lo voy a comer enterito como un merenguito tan rico iiiii… See? Can’t even write about puppies in English, smh.

2. Babies can only understand Spanish. Sorry.

Because, honestly, tell me which sounds better: “Wow. Look at that chubby baby.” or “Mira ese bebitititito gordititititito”? Exactly. SQUISH!

3. Yelling out in pain is just not the same in English.

Credit: Comedy Central

How else am I supposed to adequately express the DEPTH and BREADTH of my pain without a “CARAJO” or “ME CAGO EN LA LECHE”? *stubs toe in Spanish*

4. And anger just doesn’t have the same “oomph” in English.

Credit: Fox

For one, insults in Spanish are just ever so much more… descriptive. (I’ll refrain from going into detail because I don’t know your mothers.)

5. “Chisme” is simply not the same as “gossip.”

Credit: Tenor.co

Gossip is sharing information about someone else. Chisme is an art.

6. Showing off in front of monolingual friends? Time for Spanish.

Credit: ABC

Oh, me? Just here hablando en dos idiomas como si fuera nada.

7. Flirting in English? Lol good luck.

Credit: Univision

There’s a world of difference between “I like you” and “te quiero.” (And yes, saying, “Hola, soy Oscar Isaac” counts as flirting.)

8. And reprimanding small children? Gotta be in Spanish.

Credit: Novela Lounge

English just never sounds forceful and terrifying enough. Maybe that’s why it was always my mom’s language of choice to get me to behave as a kid.

9. And, of course, when your parents go into their “solamente en español” moods.

Credit: PBS / BuzzFeed

We’ve all lived through this.

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Do you ever find yourself breaking into Spanish at random moments?

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