If You’re Latino in L.A. You’ve Definitely Seen These Billboards In Your ‘Hood

Albert Caro

If you’re from L.A., you’ve probably spent a depressingly long amount of time in your car or on public transportation. And whether you’re stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop, there are a few familiar faces that always seem to greet you wherever you go.

This guy is always staring into your soul with his piercing brown eyes.

Firma Dominguez / Reddit
CREDIT: Firma Dominguez / Reddit

“ACCIDENTES” in all caps is also kinda tough to avoid.

Let’s be honest, though, you know this guy was the true O.G.

Los Abogados / Slowtwitch.com
CREDIT: Los Abogados / Slowtwitch.com

And you were tempted to see if that phone number actually worked.

When it’s not lawyers trying to get your business, it’s someone trying to sell you insurance.

CREDIT: getmorewraps.com

Even though you’ve seen her face thousands of times, you always ask yourself: “Who the hell is Adriana?”

And back in the day, your neighborhood was probably surrounded by the faces of Piolín…

Credit: Alberto Caro
CREDIT: Credit: Albert Caro

And El Cucuy.

El Cucuy / Facebook
CREDIT: El Cucuy / Facebook

Who both proved why the phrase “A face made for radio” exists.

These days, every other block seems to feature Don Cheto.

Two thumbs up for trolling Trump, señor Cheto.

Father and son duo Jaime and Jorge Jarrín have been going strong for decades…

Los Defensores / Facebook
CREDIT: Los Defensores / Facebook

Although you never really figured out why they’re always posing next to a helicopter:

Los Defensores / Twitter
CREDIT: Los Defensores / Twitter

Like, do the attorneys fly you to court in that thing?

And of course, you and your parents have been reminded to send your family money by the many faces who endorse this company:

Credit: Sigue / Sigue.com
CREDIT: Credit: Sigue / Sigue.com

And then they try to squeeze a little more our of you by enticing you with cash “prizes.”

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