9 Cinco De Mayo Tweets That Might Make Your Eyes Roll To The Back Of Your Head

You knew it was coming. Whenever Cinco de Mayo hits, brands everywhere do their best to “celebrate” Mexico’s victory over France in the battle of Puebla. You know, with sombreros, sarapes, maracas and tequila. Over the last few years, lots of companies have learned to stay away from the trite imagery that used to dominate the holiday, but there a few holdouts remain, and their tweets just might make you cringe a bit.

Lifetime network celebrated by making the cast of “Little Women: LA” wear big hats.

Credit: @lifetimetv / Twitter

Kate Spade mixed up some avocado margaritas that kinda look like pea soup.

Credit: @katespadeny / Twitter

PetSmart dressed a chihuahua as Frida Kahlo. Seriously.

Credit: @PetSmart / Twitter

Victoria Secret’s Pink started off the day with a pink sombrero and pink maracas.

Credit: @VSPINK / Twitter

And Taco Bell gave you the chance to look like their tacos – and provided your followers with plenty of nightmare fuel.

Credit: @Adweek / Twitter

Whataburger hit everyone with a sick ass pun, yo!

Credit: Whataburger / Twitter

Somehow, the Angry Birds Movie found a way to continue the pun-ishment.

Credit: @AngryBirds / Twitter

Snoop Dogg wants you to celebrate with a… Lime-a-rita?

Credit: @SnoopDogg / Twitter

LA Weekly Street celebrated with a chili mango smoothie from Jamba Juice… and a piñata.

Credit: @LAWeeklyStreet / Twitter

And the Rockettes celebrated with mini maracas, a cactus, and tiny sombreros.

Credit: @Rockettes / Twitter

Guys, umm…

Credit: Castle/ABC

Forget it. It’s too late.

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