7 Times the Pope Showed He’s Just Like Lots of Latinos We Know

El Papa Francisco is the first ever Latino Pope  — aaand once you watch him for a bit, it’s pretty clear he’s a lot like our aunts, uncles, tios, tias and grandparents.

He loves fútbol and fútbol loves him.

If you don’t pick up the phone, he’s going to get up in your business.

Credit: CBS

He once called a convent in Spain to wish the nuns a feliz año, but when they didn’t pick up, he left a message asking,”What are the nuns doing that they can’t answer the phone?”

He gets real about suegros and suegras.

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty

The Pope once cracked a joke saying: “What’s the difference between outlaws and inlaws? Outlaws are wanted.”

He loves showing up at places unannounced.

Credit: Romereports.com

You know Latinos love going around de visita without telling anyone. Last year, the pope made an unexpected visit to a children’s shelter in Manila. He left a lot of smiles that day.

He’s going to speak his mind, even if you don’t like what he says.

Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty

During his visit to Congress, Pope Francis lowkey fired shots at anti-immigrant politicians when he said, “We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners.” Also, during a visit in Bolivia, Pope Francis straight up called money “the devil’s excrement.” No other Pope has gotten that bold before.

El señor ama la comida.

Credit: NBC / Today

Pope Francis told the press all he wanted was to one day be able to walk into a pizza parlor unnoticed so he could get a slice. While traveling through Italy, a local pizzeria made him a pie and handed it to him as he was carried off in the pope-mobile.

He’s always down for a hug.

Credit: Pool / Getty

In both Brazil and Colombia, two little boys have dashed through crowds of thousands just get an ol’ abrazito from the Pope. And of course, Pope Francis obliged both of the kids with a holy hug.

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