7 Rockabilly Instagrammers You Need To Follow Right Now

Instagram / VintageVandal

Rockabilly fashion stems from the music and style of the ’50s, when increasingly popular musicians combined elements of blues and country to make the rock ‘n roll we know and love today. Basically, it’s awesome. And it’s a style Latinas tend to do best. (Not bragging, just honesty.) In that spirit, here are 8 amazing rockabilly fashion and makeup bloggers on Instagram that you should probably be following ASAP. Seriously… like now:

1. @PinupDollAshleyMarie

Slay, queen! Ashley has been in the vlogging game for a few years, and has a kick-ass YouTube channel where she posts tutorials for her hair and makeup looks, including plenty of retro pinup-inspired styles.

Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it #rhsin Lipstick from @blackmooncosmetics #sanguis

A photo posted by Ashley Marie Rosas (@pinupdollashleymarie) on

Credit: Instagram / pinupdollashleymarie

Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but her posts are so positive they’re bound to put you in a good mood.

Happy Friday babes! ❤️ A photo posted by Ashley Marie Rosas (@pinupdollashleymarie) on

Credit: Instagram / pinupdollashleymarie

2. @PinupLittleBit

A model, internet personality and anti-bullying advocate who educates people against body shaming, this Mexican-Guatemalan makeup superstar is totally badass.

Credit: Instagram / pinuplittlebit

Seriously, just look at her #werk this glam vintage look:

Credit: Instagram / pinuplittlebit

3. @pocket_fullof_funshine

A Latina photographer, fashion lover and artist, Fatima’s feed is poppin’ with her own twist on rockabilly style.

Credit: Instagram / pocket_fullof_funshine, Photo by @classicpicturesphotography

She also runs a fashion blog, “On The Streets,” where she writes about all her artistic ventures. We’re all about this boss babe.

Credit: Instagram / pocket_fullof_funshine

4. @dreaamloverr

YAAAAAAS. We’re totally obsessed with @dreamloverr’s feed. She has a truly wicked fashion sense, from her toes to her impeccable hairstyles.

Credit: Instagram / dreaamloverr

She’s one of our favorite Rockabilly Instagrammers ever. Scrolling through her feed is like falling into a time machine and traveling to a much-improved version of the 1950s.

Red ✨ #pinup #redhead #manicpanic #infrared #pincurls #bumperbang #victoryrolls A photo posted by Mermaid⚓? (@dreaamloverr) on

  Credit: Instagram / dreaamloverr

5. @vintagevandal

Get ready to fall in love with this NYC-based artist, stylist and blogger. 

Beauty school dropout ?? A photo posted by ☎️ me Vinny. (@vintagevandal) on

Credit: Instagram / vintagevandal

She also has a FANTASTIC YouTube channel with super helpful beauty and style tutorials. You’ll want to watch them for hours! (Can she just style us every morning? Puh-lease?)

It was fun playing with pastels this weekend? #latergram A photo posted by ☎️ me Vinny. (@vintagevandal) on

Credit: Instagram / vintagevandal

6. @aniesa_cabrera

Aniesa is a hairstylist, vintage enthusiast and Disney lover. You won’t regret following her on Instagram, because her posts are lovely. 

Credit: Instagram / aniesa_cabrera

She’s basically a hair wizard, and totally giving us hair envy. Like, DAMN:

  Credit: Instagram / aniesa_cabrera

7. @cherryuup

One of our very favorite Rockabilly feeds belongs to the classically beautiful “Cherryup”!

Credit: Instagram / cherryuup

Her outfits are truly to die for. She has an incredible talent for crafting flawless 1950s-inspired pieces. Amazing!

Credit: Instagram / cherryuup

If you weren’t a fan of Rockabilly style before, we’ll bet you are now.

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Do you have a favorite Rockabilly blogger? Let us know in the comments below!

13 Empanadas So Beautiful They'll Make You Weep

food and drink

13 Empanadas So Beautiful They’ll Make You Weep

Instagram / EmpanadasChino

You’re reading mitú right now, so you’re obviously aware that really, every single day is National Empanada Day. Whether your personally prefer the kind from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile or elsewhere, you can’t deny these make the perfect snack, meal or dessert. (Just don’t ever call them “hand pies,” fools.)

Enough talk. Let’s celebrate empanadas with a little food porn:

If you have a classic empanada de carne, take it to the next level with salsa de tomate:

Credit: Instagram / agustinnieto

…Or with some traditional chimichurri sauce:


Credit: Instagram / almacardenas28

You can never go wrong with an empanada de pollo:

Credit: Instagram / empanadas_edu

Plus, veggies just taste better in an empanada:

Credit: Instagram / coladahouse

But be sure to balance your healthy foods (like sweet potato) with chocolate. It’s only right:

Credit: Instagram / lynettedelavega

You can have them baked:


Credit: Instagram / antonella.larrosa

…Or try them fried:

Credit: Instagram / cubancolombianfoodsion

Strawberry + rosemary = new spin on dessert empanadas:

Credit: Instagram / carolinescooking

And don’t even get us started on the magic that is a perfect empanada de guayaba:

Credit: Instagram / melisapedroso

If you wanna get a little Italian with it, try a Caprese empanada:

Credit: Instagram / loopedblog

Because the only thing better than cheese is MORE CHEESE:

Credit: Instagram / empanadaschino

You can even get creative with the outside and add things like sesame and poppy seeds for extra crunch and flavor:

Credit: Instagram / miriamcr

Just remember: Others are gonna want you to share.


Credit: Instagram / mcfsolis

Let’s hear it for empanadas!

Credit: Mikaela Gilbert-Lurie / PhillyMag

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What’s your favorite kind of empanada? And can we have a bite?

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