7 Of The Craziest Abuelitas & Monster-in-Laws from Telenovelas

We love telenovelas for their over-the-top romantic gestures, bitch slaps and, of course, the intense amount of shade being thrown by conniving grandmothers and monster-in-laws. Here are some of the most devious abuelas and mother-in-laws who sent shivers down your spine.

Angélica de Santibañez in “Marimar”

Lucrecia Dávila in “Esperanza del Corazon”

CREDIT: TeamThelmaMadrigal/YouTube

Played by: Lucía Méndez

Now this is one messed up grandma. Lucrecia is a wealthy entrepreneur who is not fond of her own granddaughter, Lisa. When her other granddaughter, Krista, falls in love with the same man as Lisa, things get HEATED. And Lucrecia is totally okay with the fact that Krista might have slept with the man first. #LaDiabla

Eloísa Vda. de Ángeles in “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse”

Ana María de la Vega de Almazán in “Colorina”

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Blanca De Velasco de Peñarreal in “Esmeralda”

CREDIT: Nenad N./YouTube

Played by: Raquel Morell

Similar to a tamale de rajas, Blanca’s exterior seems mild, but her ulterior motives pack a serious punch. Even Esmeralda’s striking beauty and carefree spirit (and the fact that she is BLIND) could not soften Blanca’s heart to accept her son’s interest in the “campesina.” Start watching at 17:49 for the first moments of shade.

Malvina del Olmo in “Maria Mercedes”

Credit: Canal de PuertoRicoBestTV

Played by: Laura Zapata

Malvina’s name is fitting because she is a malvada. This woman will stop at nothing to make Maria’s (Thalia) life a living hell. After the death of her husband, Maria moves into the same house with Malvina and her son, Jose Luis. Eventually, Maria and Jose Luis start to form a relationship. Guess who isn’t having it? Malvina. Watch Maria bitch slap Malvina when Malvina accuses her of having an illegitimate son. A classic telenovela moment!

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Doña Juana in “Alborada”

CREDIT: Eduardo Mendez/YouTube 

Played by: Daniela Romo

History does in fact repeat itself, and Doña Juana shows monster-in-laws have always existed, even in colonial Mexico. She will stop at nothing to get destiny to bend her way. She gets upset she is raising “a scorpion” of a son – despite raising him with the best teachers and providing whatever he needed. Watch her drunken rant turn into blind rage in just a matter of minutes.

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Top 10 All-Women Collaborations in Latin Music


Top 10 All-Women Collaborations in Latin Music

In honor of Women’s History Month, Latido Music has lined up 10 of our favorite all-women collaborations in Latin Music. In no particular order, here’s 10 girl-power anthems that we should be bumping all year long.

“Sin Pijama”

Mexican-American singer Becky G flipped the script on the antiquated idea that two women couldn’t get a hit together when she collaborated with Dominican reggaetonera Natti Natasha. Their fun and flirty music video for “Sin Pijama” has racked up over 1.8 billion on views on YouTube, outpacing some of top reggaetoneros. Following the success of this knockout duo, collaboration among women in Latin music has been on the rise, and we love to see it.

“Tick Tock”

Mexican pop icon Thalía has been one of the top proponents for all-women collaborations. She became the first Mexican female artist to score a billion a views on YouTube with “No Me Acuerdo” featuring Natasha. On 2018’s Valiente album, Thalía also teamed up with Argentine pop princess Lali for “Lindo Pero Bruto.” Last year, Thalía joined forces with her Latin Music Queens co-stars, fellow Mexicana Sofía Reyes and Colombian rapper Farina, for the empowering “Tick Tock.” The trio of women didn’t have time for any foolishness.


Trini-American superstar Nicki Minaj got all up her in reggaeton gig on Karol G’s “Tusa.” She was even singing a bit in Spanish with the Colombian reggaetonera. Last year, Minaj had everyone, even the guys, singing, “Ahora soy una chica mala.” This was a regal bop fit for two queens and they wore that crown well. The song also garnered Minaj her first Latin Grammy nomination. That’s the power of “La Tusa.”

“No Al Aguacil”

One overlooked all-women collaboration is Mexican goddess Gloria Trevi’s “No Al Aguacil” with fellow Mexicana Paulina Rubio. The song was never released as a single (thought it should’ve been one) and it’s buried in Trevi’s 2011 album Gloria. Very much reflecting the early 2010s, “No Al Aguacil” is an electro-pop moment that these pop icons served with plenty of girl power.


In 2019, Argentine pop princess Tini came through with one of the best collaborations of the year. For kiss-off anthem “22,” she teamed up with Colombian singer Greeicy. Tini, who was turning 22 at the time, was not going to let any heartbreak rain on her birthday celebrations. Greeicy served as another voice of reason for why crying over that guy would not be worth it. This cumbiatón moment was everything.


Last year, Spanish star Lola Índigo recruited Mexican pop princess Danna Paola and Chilean singer Denise Rosenthal for “Santería.” Each woman adds their own flair and attitude to this bubbling pop cauldron. Like the Charmed sisters, the power of three is real here, and together these women serve a spellbinding collaboration.


Argentine pop princess Lali teamed up with Argentina’s top woman in Latin trap, Cazzu, last year. The alluring “Ladrón” was a moment of girl power that highlighted the talent in their country. The two women united in turning the tables on a no-good men. “You wanted to play me… the one that’s playing you is me,” Lali and Cazzu sang together.

“High” Remix

Last year, rising Argentine singer Maria Becerra upped the girl power of her breakthrough hit “High.” For the all-women remix, she teamed up with Índigo and her compatriot Tini. Together, they also upped the angst factor on this mesmerizing, trap-lite bop.  

“La Rueda”

Ivonne Galaz and Natalie López are making way for women in the male-dominated corridos tumbados space. As the two women signed to the Rancho Humilde record label, they teamed up for “La Rueda” on last year’s Corridos Tumbados Vol. 2 album. What a moment to hear two Mexicanas find strength in each other’s stories of overcoming the struggle. Galaz and López tap into an emotion in the genre that the guys can’t touch.

“Modo Turbo”

Three Brazilian queens joined forces for last year’s “Modo Turbo.” Anitta and Luísa Sonza aligned with drag pop superstar Pabllo Vittar. “Fasten your seatbelt / Turbo mode,” Sonza encouraged in Portuguese. They certainly took their fans for a wild ride with this fierce and stellar collaboration.  

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‘Sky Rojo’ Star Lali Espósito is an Argentine Pop Icon: Her 5 Greatest Hits


‘Sky Rojo’ Star Lali Espósito is an Argentine Pop Icon: Her 5 Greatest Hits

This week Lali Espósito will be jumping from Argentina to the global stage in the Netflix series Sky Rojo. The accomplished actress is also an Argentine pop star with a number of hits to her name.

Sky Rojo was created by the same people behind Money Heist.

Sky Rojo premieres on March 19. Lali, who professionally goes by her first name, co-stars with Spanish actress Verónica Sánchez and Cuban actress Yany Prado. The action-packed show was created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, the creators of the hit Netflix series La Casa de Papel (or Money Heist). The three women play prostitutes who are fleeing from their pimp. Spanish actor and Sense8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre plays one of the pimp’s henchmen.

Lali is a very successful pop star from Argentina.

For those who know Lali back in Argentina, Sky Rojo will also be her most intense role yet. The 29-year-old rose to prominence in her country through teen telenovelas. She found her big break as the star of Casi Ángeles, which spun off the pop group Teen Angels. Lali later went solo in 2014 with her debut album, Soy. Lali has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music over the years including Mau y Ricky, Thalía, Fito Páez, and CNCO.

After you watch Sky Rojo, Latido Music has selected a few of our favorite Lali hits for your playlists.

“Mi Mala” remix with Mau y Ricky

One of Lali’s first big breaks globally was featuring on Venezuelan duo Mau y Ricky’s “Mi Mala” remix. The brothers assembled the “Lady Marmalade” of Latin music with Colombian reggaetonera Karol G, Chicana pop star Becky G, and Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace also in the mix. The guys took a back seat to the women living their best lives.

“Caliente” with Pabllo Vittar

For her third album Brava, Lali teamed up with Brazilian drag pop star Pabllo Vittar. The two joined forces in “Caliente” and as the song’s title suggests, they turned up the heat with this one. Lali showed up and showed out for the LGBTQ+ community with a fierce queer artist.  

“Lindo Pero Bruto” with Thalía

Like the “Mi Mala” remix, another song that raised Lali’s international profile was “Lindo Pero Bruto.” The Mexican pop icon teamed up with Lali for her Valiente album. In the reggaeton-pop bop, both women have their cake and eat it too. “You’re stupid, papi, but tasty,” Lali sings in Spanish.

“Como Así” with CNCO

For last year’s Libra album, Lali enlisted Latin boyband CNCO for “Como Así.” She trades verses with each of the guys as they collectively fight for love. It’s a soaring and moving pop moment.

“Ladrón” with Cazzu

The knockout track on Lali’s Libra album is “Ladrón,” her collaboration with Cazzu, Argentina’s top female artist in Latin trap. In a moment of girl power that highlights the talent of their country, the women unite in turning the tables on no-good men. “You wanted to play me… the one that’s playing you is me,” Lali and Cazzu sing together.

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