7 Morrissey Covers That’ll Make Every Day Feel Like Sunday

When you’re in the mood for a little melancholy, there’s nothing better than Morrissey (or The Smiths). If you’ve worn out the grooves on your vinyl or the MP3s have dropouts, there’s a chance you might like a new take on your favorite track. Here are seven change-of-pace covers that stay true to the Moz.

1. “Let Me Kiss You” Carla Morrison

Credit: mardueck / YouTube

Original version: Morrissey

Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison has a refreshing take on this 2004 Morrissey track from the album “You Are The Quarry.” Morrison’s breathy, wistful vocals are the focal point of the stripped down acoustic track.

2. “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” At The Drive-In

Credit: Sam / YouTube

Original version: The Smiths

El Paso outfit At The Drive-In were known for their powerful, frenetic style, but this Smiths cover showed they were at ease with slowing things down. Vocalist Cedric Bixler may lack technique but he makes up for that with emotion.

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3. “Every Day Is Like Sunday” Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan

Credit: rizzos5224 / YouTube

Original version: Morrissey

Morrissey’s popularity with Latinos, especially in Los Angeles, may stem from his lyrics about alienation and loss that resonate with the children of immigrants. If you ever wondered what Morrissey would sound like with a mariachi, this cover of “Every Day Is Like Sunday” is for you.

4. “Rubber Ring” Girl In A Coma

Credit: Michellederrrable / YouTube

Original version: The Smiths

The San Antonio rock trio kept the original spirit of The Smiths song “Girlfriend In a Coma” and made it their own. Nina Diaz’s sultry vocals give “Rubber Ring” a warmth that may thaw even the coldest of cold-hearted Morrissey fans.

5. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” Twin Shadow

Credit: Twin Shadow / YouTube

Original version: The Smiths

Dominican-born Twin Shadow gets a little help from Samantha Urbani in this chilled out, synth-laden cover. Known for his retro sensibilities, Twin Shadow provides the perfect soundtrack for a late-night drive that lasts until the sun rises.

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6. “Jack The Ripper” Colin Meloy

Credit: ObnoxiousPeddler / YouTube

Original version: Morrissey

Like Carla Morrison, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists skips the melodrama and sticks to what works: subdued vocals and acoustic guitar.

7. “Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagará” Mikel Erentxun

Credit: CCptbr / YouTube

Original version: The Smiths “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

Mikel Erentxun’s 1992 cover is a straight-up copy, translated to Spanish, but it works. For clubs that play “Rock en Español,” this is the fuckin’ closer at last call. Erentxun, previously known for his work with Duncan Dhu, also released a cover of Morrissey’s “Everyday Is Like Sunday” in 1998, titled “Todo Es Igual Siempre.”

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Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and More Latin Music Stars’ Valentine’s Weekend Live-stream Concerts


Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and More Latin Music Stars’ Valentine’s Weekend Live-stream Concerts


Today’s Latin music superstars have your Valentine’s weekend covered. To encourage people to stay home while we’re in this COVID-19 pandemic, artists like Danna Paola, Carla Morrison, and Kany García are hosting live-stream concerts.

Danna Paola’s Welcome to My Break Up Party concert

Fresh off breaking through the top 10 of Billboard‘s Latin Pop Albums chart, Danna Paola will be performing music from her new K.O. album in a live-stream concert. Inspired by the album’s message of knocking out the heartache, the Mexican pop princess titled her show: Welcome to My Break Up Party. Expect the Élite star to slip in some of her classics too. Fingers crossed for “Agüita,” one of Mexico’s gay anthems.

“We’re putting together a really special show,” Paola told W Magazine last month. “I don’t want a concert with just a stage and singing and that’s it. I want to make it an experience for my fans.”

Welcome to My Break Up Party will be streaming worldwide on Feb. 13 and Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Fans can buy their tickets now at Streamtime.

Kany García en concierto acústico

Multiple Latin Grammy-winner and current Grammy nominee Kany García is putting on a special acoustic live-stream concert for her fans. At this year’s Grammy Awards, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is up for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album for last year’s Mesa Para Dos, her duets album. There’s plenty of love songs on the LP, including the stunning standout “Lo Que En Ti Veo” with Argentine musician Nahuel Pennisi.

For our LGBTQ+ family, García is a part of the community too. She sings “Lo Que En Ti Veo” to her partner, Jocelyn Troche, in the beautiful music video. Move quickly for her acoustic concert as it will only be streaming on Feb. 13. Fans can buy their tickets now at LivePass.  

Carla Morrison live-stream concert

Like García, Morrison is a multiple Latin Grammy-winner and past Grammy nominee. The Mexican alternative music icon will be putting on a one night only event on Valentine’s Day. She will be singing her hits in a live-stream concert from The Paramount in L.A. We can never have enough of the Amor Supremo album, especially live.

Morrison recently teamed up with Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin on the song “Recuerdo” for his Pausa EP. Fans can buy their tickets for her special live-stream concert here.

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The Tropicalia Music And Taco Festival Is Back In California And The Lineup Is Better Than Ever


The Tropicalia Music And Taco Festival Is Back In California And The Lineup Is Better Than Ever

tropicaliafest / Instagram

If you’re inclined to think that music festivals are too white — you’re not alone. In fact, it’s really hard to see performers of color headline big shows (because Beyoncé can’t do them all). Thankfully the Tropicália Music & Taco Festival in Long Beach, California is here to save us. The music festival will feature some of the hottest Latino musicians for two days of amazing music and food.

Morrissey and Cardi B will headline the Tropicália Music & Taco Festival at the Queen Mary Park and people are screaming.

They might be two completely different artists, but fans for the two headliners are energized and ready. After all, these two performers know how to get the crowd going.

But there are so many other Latinx musicians and groups rocking the Tropicália stage, like Chicano Batman.

✨ @panoramanyc ✨7.29.18 #chicanobatman

A post shared by Chicano Batman (@chicanobatman) on

The psychedelic band is returning after a successful set at the 2017 Tropicália festival. Plus, they are California boys so showing up for their community only makes sense.

Kali Uchis won’t be a stranger with her return to Tropicália.

medusa medusa

A post shared by ÚCHIS???????????? (@kaliuchis) on

The festival is happening November 3 and 4 at the Queen Mary Park. Let’s hope the California weather doesn’t stay too hot then.

Los Ángeles Azules is bring Long Beach their cumbias straight from Mexico.

They will definitely get the crowd dancing in the fall night along the water.

Our favorite sweet songstress Natalia Lafourcade will grace the festival’s stage.

Amigos de Monterrey, está tarde fui muy feliz. Llegue al escenario de este festival que tanto me gusta @palnorteoficial. Tengo tantas razones por las cuales agradecer este día. Simplemente no podía comenzar a cantar por la emoción que sentía adentro de mi pequeño cuerpo tan sólo de estar parada frente a todos ustedes. Primero, gracias por llegar a ese lugar donde todos juntitos cuerpo a cuerpo escuchan y se permiten vivir la intensidad y magia de la música. Gracias por abrazar a mi corazón de vuelta con cariño y complicidad. Gracias porque nos conocemos hace muchos años y cada vez este árbol crece más fuerte y con más conexiónes. Gracias a todo el equipo del festival por apoyar nuestros mundos y universos musicales. México tiene mucho talento y en estos contextos se deja notar. ¿Y qué tal el atardecer que nos acompañó? Fue perfecto y fue maravilloso. Gracias viento, gracias cielo, gracias sol, gracias vida, gracias Violeta Parra por venir a este escenario y acompañarme para cantar tu canción. Gracias a nuestras historias de vida que se entrelazan con cada letra y frase que vive entre melodías y acordes. Todos hemos vivido cosas similares. Gracias al movimiento y la energía entre ritmo, espacio y silencio. Gracias a mi banda que tanto amo y admiro. Gracias a @carolinakuniverse que me regalaron esta belleza de vestido azul con flores rojas a la mexicana, gracias @galaislove que hacen tan hermosos accesorios, mismos que también me acompañaron. Gracias a mis managers que antes de entrar al escenario me ven con ojos lagrimosos, encendidos, ilusionados y llenos de luz. Los amo familia. Gracias a todos. Gracias a la vida. Gracias a los sueños que nunca dejan de visitarnos y siempre hay un nuevo horizonte para explorar. 8 aviones en diez días. Estoy agotada pero sí que vale la pena. Los amo. ❤️????????❤️???? Ya estamos en la intensidad de cierre de ciclo y para mi ésto significa mucho. Cada segundo se disfruta al máximo. Nos seguiremos viendo. ❤️????

A post shared by Natalia Lafourcade (@natalialafourcade) on

Her sweet and soulful ballads will serenade everyone under that Long Beach sky.

La Sonora Dinamita is bringing the tropical music to the party.

La Sonora Dinamita con Vilma Diaz

A post shared by La Sonora Dinamita (@lasonoradinamitadecolombia) on

Our parents will not be able to keep themselves from dancing during this band’s set.

And, of course, everyone’s favorite twins, Nina Sky, will keep everyone moving.

Other performers include Mac Demarco, Mazzy Star, Toro Y Moi, Cuco Devendra Banhart, BadBadNotGood, Broncho, Boy Pablo, and more.

This festival is giving some of Latin pops greatest names a chance to truly shine in their own festival.

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