It’s Time To Crown America Ferrera The Clapback Queen Of 2016

E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube

America Ferrera has been throwing some expert shade this year, and the Emmys red carpet was no different. During a red carpet interview at the Emmys, E!’s Giuliana Rancic congratulated America Ferrera for “Superstore,” for making it to the prime slot (8 p.m.) on NBC’s Thursday lineup. After Rancic asked Ferrera how it felt to be in that prime slot, Ferrera was *quick* to let Rancic know that the feeling was not new.

Giuliana Rancic’s mistake was assuming that this Latina actor has never led a primetime lineup.

Credit: E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube

Rancic: “NBC is so excited about it [“Superstore”]. It’s actually leading Thursday nights, which if you remember, “Friends” held that honor for a really long time. How does that feel?”

America Ferrera: “It feels great. Although, “Ugly Betty” was Thursday nights at 8 [p.m.] so I feel like I’m back home!”

Rancic: ?

Ferrera has a history of savage clap backs. Who can forget when she called out the Golden Globes for mistaking her for Gina Rodriguez?

Credit: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube


She also flawlessly explained why Donald Trump has zero percent of the black vote on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Credit: Real Time with Bill Maher
CREDIT: Credit: Real Time with Bill Maher

Drag him!

But, don’t worry. In the same interview she threw shade at ALL politicians and how they treat the minority vote “outreach.”

Credit: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube

“It’s hilarious that every election, every presidential election, two months before the election, everybody’s like, ‘How do we turn out the minority vote?'” Ferrera said. “You’re too little too late. Like, every year is an election year.”

She also crafted a clever response to Tina Fey’s laughable attempt of naming Latino entertainers.

Credit: America Ferrera / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: America Ferrera / YouTube

In her clapback/parody video, Ferrera struggles to name any white entertainers, though Morgan Freeman did get a much deserved shout out.

Oh, there was also the time that Ferrera called out a white male interviewer for pigeonholing her into being split between a woman and Latino for president.

Credit: Revelist / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Revelist / YouTube

It really must be such a mystery for white men to know who female people of color would vote for this year. Remember, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were running for president as Republicans, which means all Latinos must have been lining up behind the only Latino candidates, right?

And, at the Democratic National Convention, Ferrera and Lena Dunham went at Donald Trump.

Credit: CNN / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: CNN / YouTube

Ferrera and Dunham jokingly apologized to America for all the TV celebrities who stick their hands in politics — including TV celebrity Donald Trump. S A V A G E

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This Latino WWE Legend Now Works As A Spanish Teacher


This Latino WWE Legend Now Works As A Spanish Teacher

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, there was a Latino wrestler who cemented his place as a WWE fan favorite. His name was Tito Santana.

Credit: WWE

The 6-foot-2 Santana, a former football player, was known for his athleticism, his Spanish-language catchphrase (¡Arriba!) and his awesome mullet.

Credit: WWE

Santana was a two-time intercontinental champ and two-time tag team champion. Despite his undeniable talent, Santana never won a heavyweight title.

Credit: WWE

Toward the end of his WWE career, Santana was given a new gimmick — El Matador — that Santana says he was never quite happy with.

Credit: WWE

Santana said he accepted the gimmick because he was promised higher-profile matches, but they never materialized.

Credit: WWE

Santana said it felt like a “missed opportunity” to neglect his El Matador gimmick when he remained popular with fans.

In 2004, Santana, who appeared in WrestleMania I through WrestleMania IX, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Credit: WWE

Santana, whose real name is Merced Solis, says he’s grateful for what pro wrestling gave him. The son of migrant workers, Solis says he worked in the fields and didn’t receive a full time education until he was a freshman in high school.

Credit: WWE

Solis, who played football at Mission High School, received a scholarship to play college ball at West Texas State University. It was there where he met the team’s quarterback — and future wrestling legend — Tully Blanchard. Tully’s father, Joe, was a wrestling promoter and helped Solis make a career out of wrestling.

After quitting pro wrestling, Solis wasn’t sure what he would do with his life. After trying his hand at Spanish-language announcing in the late ’90s, Solis eventually became a Spanish teacher.

Credit: CBS

Solis has been a Spanish teacher at Eisenhower Middle School in New Jersey since 2001.

Solis said he quit wrestling because he missed his wife and family. And unlike other wrestlers who played their characters 24/7, Solis said he kept the two separate to avoid falling into the lifestyle that has claimed the lives of so many pro wrestlers.

Credit: Sports Illustrated
CREDIT: Credit: Sports Illustrated

His wife, Leah Solis, told the New Jersey Star-Ledger: “When he was home he was just a regular guy. He could definitely separate it and so could we.” Santana’s rejection of the “rockstar” lifestyle allowed him to save money and put his three children through school. He also opened a hair salon that is run by his wife, Leah.

It appears that Solis has made a seamless transition from popular wrestler to popular teacher. Take a look at YouTube videos of Tito Santana, and you’ll likely find comments from former and current students:

Credit: Sports Illustrated / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Sports Illustrated / YouTube

The 63-year-old Santana, who has continued making special appearances for small wrestling organizations, is confident he made the right choice.

Credit: CBS

“I know I’m making a difference and it feels good,” said Solis to CBS News.

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