6 Latino Comedians You Seriously Need To See Live

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Latinos aren’t just dominating television and streaming comedies right now, they’re also bringing down the house at stand-up clubs across the country. These Latinos are 5 of the hottest comics out there, and  [TMZ voice] number one may shock you! [/TMZ voice]

6. Vladimir Caamaño

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It’s been a prettyyyy good year for Vladimir Caamaño. He’s set to star in an NBC comedy, “Vlad,” based on his own experience growing up Dominican in the Bronx, was featured in Howie Mandel’s “Just For Laughs,” and is busy co-hosting a podcast called “In The Conversation” in addition to touring all over the damn place. His impression of his dad’s habit of making weird sounds while talking is seriously ALL OUR DADS. Uncanny.

5. Gabriel Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias isn’t fat, he’s fluffy. Fun fact: Early on in his career, Iglesias starred on Nickelodeon’s “All That.” Nowadays, he’s known for his colorful storytelling, impressions and sound effects. His material often tackles the issue of weight; he’s even defined the “Five Levels of Fatness,” to which he recently added a sixth: “Oh, Hell No!” The Mexican-American comedian has his own show on FuseTV starting April 7th, “Fluffy Breaks Even,” and is embarking on a comedy tour of the same name.

4. Cristela Alonzo

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Cristela Alonzo is one for the history books. In 2014, she became the first Latina to write, produce and star in her own network TV sitcom, “Cristela.” Alonzo will conquer the big screen in May’s “Angry Birds” movie and she’s currently touring around California. Although there are many Latinos dominating the stand up scene, the Latinas are few and far between. Work it, Cristela!

3. Felipe Esparza

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Esparza was the first Latino to win “Last Comic Standing.” His one-hour special, They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You” appeared on Showtime and is now streaming on Netflix. He also hosts the popular podcast “What’s Up, Fool?,” which is available on his website, along with his tour dates.

2. Chris Garcia

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It’s about time Chris Garcia released a killer comedy album. Born in LA to Cuban parents, Chris Garcia moved to San Francisco where he was named one of the seven funniest people in the city before moving back to tinseltown. Garcia talks openly about his father’s dementia and has been known to tear up onstage. Catch him on the small stage while you still can, he’s one of the best out there. His brand new album “Laughing and Crying at the Same Time” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

1. Louis C.K.

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When Louis C.K. told Conan O’Brian that he’s Latino, the audience thought it was an uncharacteristically dumb quip. But the joke was on them as C.K. revealed that he is, in fact, Mexican. His family moved to Mexico when he was a baby, and Spanish was his first language. C.K. attributes some of his knack for comedic observations about America to his emigration from Mexico which says a lot, he’s widely considered the best stand-up working today. Score 1 for Latinos! While you wait for him to announce his next live show, check out the video where he reveals his heritage to a stunned audience:

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This Young Latina's Work With Robots Will Give You All The Feels

Things That Matter

This Young Latina’s Work With Robots Will Give You All The Feels

One young Latina in Dallas, Tex. is making sure both Latinos and students with learning and mental disabilities get a fair shot at diving into the beautiful world of robotics.

This is Ivonne Torres, a senior at Sunset High School and captain of the robotics team, Robo*Flash, dedicated to students with disabilities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 4.38.39 PM
CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

Since students with disabilities are often excluded from participating in robotics — something Ivonne knows firsthand given her own battles with dyslexia — this high schooler formed a team exclusively for them.

Ivonne started Robo*Flash to help students feel like part of a team to help prepare them for future employers.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

“We had an idea that if they’re in robotics and actually in STEM, companies are going to look at them and be like ‘Wow, I didn’t know you guys were capable of this stuff,’ and hopefully draw that attention towards them,” Torres told the Dallas Morning News.

Robo*Flash works alongside members of the main team that offer support.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

Robo*Flash has already won awards, including the teamwork award at the first Robotics FTC South Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Tex.

CREDIT: YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

“I really hope that this program does get more attention out into the public, and that the world sees that these kids have a lot of potential, and hopefully more companies start looking at hiring these kids because they need a future,” Torres says.

Watch the full video below to learn more about Robo*Flash.

Credit: Dallas News/ YouTube

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