5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Summer Body

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to get that perfect summer body to take out to the beach or, say, toss onto the floor as you lie perfectly still in your un-air-conditioned apartment. And we’ve got the ~hottest tips~ to get yours ready.

Let’s get right to it:

Step 1: Go to a mirror. Take a good, long look at your body.

Credit: Televisa

Míralo bien. Memorize every detail, every curve, bump, bony bit and every little lunar. Think about how you got that scar, the way your smile sneaks up a little more on one side, how your nose is your dad’s, exacta, how your hair and your hips are from your mother’s side.

Step 2: Close your eyes and picture your ideal form.

Credit: Protocol Entertainment

How is this body going to be different from your fall/winter/spring/that-weird-season-where-it’s-technically-fall-but-still-feel-way-too-hot bod? Hmm, maybe if we added a tail? Horns? Wings??

Step 3: Compare yourself, in painstaking detail, to other summer bodies.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Like merpeople, blobfish and the paletero.

Step 4: Change all your exercise and eating habits!

Credit: Cartoon Network

You gotta make those big changes if you want to see real results! Swap warm winter soups for ice cream, trade your coat for shorts, and swap watching Netflix under a blanket for a swim or a walk in a garden.

Step 5: Ask yourself the tough questions.

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Here they are, in order of toughness:

  1. Is it summer?
  2. Do I have a body?

…Did you answer? OK, good. Ya. Fuácata.

You’ve got a summer body.

Credit: Swimsuits For All, via Rebloggy
Credit: Swimsuits For All, via Rebloggy

And it’s amazing. Take good care of it, and go out and enjoy your summer.

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So, tell us: How’s that summer body coming along?

This Colombian Model Was Told To Bleach Her Birthmark — But She Put Her Foot Down


This Colombian Model Was Told To Bleach Her Birthmark — But She Put Her Foot Down

Instagram / @murielvillera

The beauty and fashion world can be cruel. Muriel Villera would know. The swimsuit model has been in the industry for 10 years and has repeatedly been turned away from opportunities because of a birthmark on her thigh. But in one of her latest shoots, she didn’t just snag a major gig — the brand also fully embraced her body and skin — sans Photoshop.

“This entire shoot was a dream, but the fact that my birthmark wasn’t photoshopped out of any of the images just made it 10000000 times more incredible,” Villera, 28, wrote of her recent shoot for UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing on her Instagram.


In the photo, the stunning Colombian model is donning a diamond- and rhinestone -gilded orange two-piece bathing suit that bares her slight dark pigmentation on her upper right thigh.

According to the Los Angeles-based beauty, the birthmark has cost her several gigs over the years. For the ones she landed, Villera said her skin was often edited.

“Booking a swimsuit job wasn’t the easiest and when it did happen, my birthmark would be completely edited out,” she told the Daily Mail.

murielvillera / Instagram

Rejections occurred so often that her team sometimes suggested her to take dangerous measures to remove the birthmark.

“My agents would ask me to buy any sort of make-up or bleaching creams to ‘fix’ it,” she said.

Regardless of being a beautiful model with tens of thousands of followers, the industry’s negative response to her skin made her “feel like it was such a curse.” That’s why she was so thrilled to work with PrettyLittleThings, which recently announced it would stop editing out all stretch marks, birthmarks, and scars from its models.

“Working with brands like PLT has given me hope, though, for the future of modeling and the mental health of those who work in the industry,” she said.

murielvillera / Instagram

While adoring her skin fully was a yearslong challenge, she said her birthmark is hers and she has grown to love it.

On her instagram, she left followers with a message she hopes will inspire them to similarly appreciate the parts of themselves that society has deemed less than perfect.

“Embrace everything about yourself. It’s kinda magical when you do,” she wrote.

A Mexican Mayor Berated A Little Girl About Her Weight In Front Of Her Peers


A Mexican Mayor Berated A Little Girl About Her Weight In Front Of Her Peers

Poor body confidence is an issue that afflicts 40% of U.S. girls who are as young as seven years old.

The knowledge that young girls are pressured to hate and alter their bodies at a young age is nothing new. You’ve heard this truth reported on by different digital content sites, on TV, magazines, through educators and more prominently: on the pages of your favorite celebrity Instagram pages. The origins of poor body confidence vary but more often or not they come from media, parents, spouses and often times machismo.

This truth is sad enough in itself but hurts all the more when we’re forced to see the withering of a young girl’s self-esteem on video. Particularly when the source of such pain comes from a man of influence and power.

Ahome, Sinaloa mayor Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno recently caught attention after a video of him doling out unsolicited criticism about a little girl’s weight went viral.

During a recent visit to Centro de Educación Inicial Indígena, the mayor attempted to project concern and empathy for the health of the children in the area.

While on camera and in front of the girl’s classmates and teachers, Chapman questioned the girl about her diet after she innocently commented that she enjoyed eating chicken and eggs.

Without ever asking whether the school in the district, which he oversees, offers healthy foods or space for outdoor activities, he began his interrogation.

“Sweets?” he asked her. “You like to eat sweets?” When the girl nodded Chapman turned to the teacher and asked, “What is the problem with this girl? This girl is frighteningly obese. Why?”

In response, the little girl’s teacher says “Because the mother gives what the girl asks and at any time.” Clearly uncomfortable the little girl visibly withers into herself before rushing away.

Users online were quick to criticize Chapman for his comments.

“What a dumb guy” one user wrote in response.

Many ridiculed him for his flip way of handling the situation.

“Obesity can be controlled with proper feeding, human stupidity has no cure,” another wrote.

Others pointed out how counterintuitive his comments were.

“But what a character as ignorant as this is going to be expressed about a girl, hurting her self-esteem, she doesn’t even have any idea how to deal with those health issues!”

Others highlighted how inappropriate his comments were given the setting.

“How can they allow them to expose a girl or child? And the other mitoteras also that hell care if their parents aware that they should talk to them in private and not expose the poor creature to be the mockery of all.”

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