5 Latino Figures We Wish “Hamilton” Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Would Write Musicals For

Lin-Manuel Miranda has enjoyed some well-deserved praise for his groundbreaking rap musical hit, “Hamilton.” But, what if instead of focusing on one of America’s founding fathers, Miranda had set his sights on a Latino character or story? Here’s a list of people we would love to see get the “Hamilton” treatment.

Niños Héroes


Simón Bolívar


Pancho Villa

Credit: @fernando_rodriguez57/Instagram

One of the most prominent and larger-than-life figures of the Mexican Revolution would be an excellent candidate for a musical! We could see Francisco “Pancho” Villa’s life making a fantastic comedy.

Ellen Ochoa


Sonia Sotomayor

Credit: @mentorup/Instagram

We’re not stopping at just one Latina – we’re sure Miranda has enough brain power to conceive of two musicals about two Latinas of merit. Let’s have Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina elected to the Supreme Court, step into the Broadway spotlight.

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Are there any Latinos you want to see featured as the subject of a Broadway musical? Let us known in the comments below!

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