23 Photos of Weird-Ass Taco Tattoos that are Completely Real

OK, so taco tattoos are apparently a thing. Seriously. And they range from weird to what-were-you-thinking-you-must-have-been-drunk-and-high.

Here’s a Taco Tuesday tattoo. Weird, but nothing crazy.


True love? For tacos. Completely understandable.

Now things are taking a turn…

OK. Things have officially gotten weird.

For those of you who didn’t know there was tacosaurus, here’s proof of its existence.

Here’s a taco with a mustache and a hat. Kinda stereotypical.

Can’t get worse, can it? Oh.

It can. ???

Let’s cleanse our palettes with this Emiliano Zapata-looking taco tattoo.


Here’s a member of the nefarious taco crew.

And, uh, here’s a taco wearing headphones.


This person wants to start a conversation about tacos…


And this person wants to end it.

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This person gives you a glimpse into the thought process behind their tattoo:


And, most likely, so does this person:

Creepy or cute?

This person loves tacos to the bone. ?

Is this a cat taco or a taco cat?

This is definitely a cat taco.

Wondering where the “Broken taco wearing a band-aid while riding a unicycle” tattoo is? It’s right here:

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a lot of hardshell yellow cheese American tacos, mitú.” Here’s one for you if you’re all about authenticity:

And another one.

And here’s one with jalapeño and a rabano for good measure.

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