Meet 19 People Who Are Proud To Call Themselves “Paisa”

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Thousands of people joined the #paisatwitter party on Twitter recently to share stories about growing up Mexican. And of course, it led to tweets that are not only relatable, but hilarious.

Here’s what was discussed:

The familiar problem you deal with at bailes…

The clapback that’ll always leave your family members stunned…

The moment that gets you hyped at a party…

The clever way you get strict parents to let you do stuff…

The dilemma you face when looking in your closet before a party…

The skepticism that your mom shows when you express emotion…

The awkward situation that takes place when your jam comes on…

The unsolicited observations your family members share with you…

The contradictions your parents don’t even notice…

The response you hate to hear whenever you’re bored…

The things you do to make sure your parents don’t think you’re watching porn…

The fact that you’re never really a grown-up around your parents…

These dancing goals…

The TV shows that shaped your life…

The playlists that help you heal…

The people who make you proud…

The things your mom does that drive you crazy…

The things that people who don’t understand what “paisa” means would do when reading the hashtag…

And the feeling you get when you read #paisatwitter.

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13 Hilarious Posts Your Tías Have Published On Facebook


13 Hilarious Posts Your Tías Have Published On Facebook

Tías are very much mamás alcahuetas: They provide plenty of loving and (for the most part) skip all the rules and regaños. Whether they’re cheering for us or being cluelessly cute, tías are the only relatives we’re actually OK to have as Facebook friends because…

They believe every photoshopped image is real.


They believe in this, but not global warming? While you’re at it let’s post about the tooth fairy, Santa and el chupacabras.

They throw the best shade.


We got our shade skills from them, but let’s be real – they’re not the best at being subtle. Might as well tag them.

They share the best health advice.


They’ll share the best fitness and health tips, but you’ll never see them work out. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

They always comment on how pretty you look on your pictures.

Shoutout to the tías that call me pretty in every single photo I post. Y’all are the real MVPs.

They post inspirational tips to keep you going.


Queen’s of quote of the day.

And bible verses that’ll guide your path.


Number of bible verses posted a day: 27.

Number of times attended church: 0

(Christmas doesn’t count.)

They have the most fire memes.


Who is this woman? And the Photoshop skills are out of this world. It’s like they have a degree in design. Pixar, give my tías a call.

They tag themselves to make sure they don’t miss any of their posts.


Sometimes their favorite person to shoutout is themselves. Secretly, they’re just trying to get themselves more notifications.

They stay up with current events just like you. Like the Super Bowl.


So many questions.

1. What kind of sport is the superball?
2. Who is this amazing photographer? I’m trying to schedule someone for a forehead shoot.
3. When was the last time those flowers were watered? Because we’re highly concerned.

They share news from everywhere.


And take every quiz. Just because.


To them, this is the most reliable source.

You never have to wonder what they’re up to.


Just to be clear… how’s the weather where you’re at?

And every day for them is a photo shoot.


While you’re taking, deleting, editing, going through seven filters just to upload one selfie, your tía just uploaded a Vogue-worthy photo shoot. Because when you’re fabulous, the world should see every photo you take.

But that’s why we love all our tías ❤️.

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