17 Photos of Adorable Kids in Costumes Just in Time for Halloween

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Look, there’s no such thing as being “too old” f0r Halloween, but there’s no question that kids rule the day. A cute kid in a cool costume can instantly melt your heart. Prepare yourself for some cute overload.

Here’s a tiny Selena with little Chris Perez…

This Selena wants to show off her moves…

The cutes outfit ever ?? ! . . #Selena #SelenaQ #SelenaVive #selenacostume #SelenaylosDinos #selenaforhalloween #SelenaQuintanilla

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And this little Selena has her pose nailed down.

This little Frida Kahlo shines bright with radiant red flowers…

And this Frida Kahlo has her eyebrow game on point.

???? #fridakahlocostume #fridakahlo #cutekids #inspiration #wcw

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This tiny Frida isn’t afraid to share the spotlight with little Diego Rivera.

Credit: Mex & The City / Tumblr

La Chilindrina’s pigtails are just right…

And El Chapulín Colorado is ready for hammer time.

Here’s a whole crew from El Chavo del Ocho’s vecindad.

Little bros B-Day party #chavodelocho #kiko #chilindrina

A photo posted by Edwin Mora (@edwin_805) on

This little Lionel Messi is ready to juke you out of your socks.

And Memito Ochoa is ready to stop any shot that comes his way.

This Celia Cruz is ready to yell out “¡Azucar!”

Credit: kds_pr / MySpace

And this young lady shows she can proudly wear the Tapatío sombrero.

Trying on Daddy's costume lol

A photo posted by Cristina Chinchilla (@chinchillaquiles) on

This little Dora the Explorer looks like she has no time for your nonsense…


A photo posted by Cindy Ramirez (@eat12_2006) on

While this Cantinflas looks like he’s ready to make you chuckle.

Nacho Libre and Esqueleto are all smiles…

And this tiny Chipotle Burrito is staying really warm.

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This Dad And Mom Went Viral After They Let Their Son Dress Like A Female Character And Latinos Are Freaking Out


This Dad And Mom Went Viral After They Let Their Son Dress Like A Female Character And Latinos Are Freaking Out

abs ‏@_abbybeltran

Welcome to a new age, machismo! And guess what? Our woke dads and moms are not inviting you to the banquet.

Just a few years ago, our brothers, primos, and tíos might have been chided for even floating the idea of wearing something like a dress or playing with a doll. Today parents are allowing their kids to express themselves in whatever blatant or innocent ways they choose.

Twitter user @_abbybeltran and her husband are allowing their son Jayce to buck all things machismo and recently shared an example of their decision to let him do so with friends.

In a post to her Twitter account, the user shared a video of her son from months ago dressed as one of his favorite TV characters: Tina Belcher.

The “Bob’s Burgers” character has become a favorite amongst TV watchers and her son Jayce. In the video, the user’s son can be seen wearing, a wig, bow, and a skirt to model his favorite character. When asked to look at the camera he seems to proudly strike classic Tina poses.

In a follow-up comment about the costume, the user wrote “I’m just a proud mom who decided to repost my son’s Halloween costume. His dad & I appreciate all the love we’ve been receiving. We are proud to be this thanos, Mario, bobs burgers & paw patrol loving boys parents. Love & kindness always outweighs the negative.”

Users on Twitter were quick to praise Jayce and his parents for the costume.

Basically everyone loved this little guy for picking this epic costume!

And other guys started sharing pics of themselves dressed as the character.

The Tina Belcher obsession never ends!

Literally, there’s a men as Tina movement!

And I am here for the cuteness.

Honestly I wouldn’t hate it if this was the summer outfit of 2019.

But for real. Could this look abolish machismo? I think yes.

Running Late On Your Pumpkin Carving? Check Out These Pumpkins For Your Own Inspo

Things That Matter

Running Late On Your Pumpkin Carving? Check Out These Pumpkins For Your Own Inspo

@alllycisneros / Twitter

Latinos are the kings and queens of scary and creepy. Our legends of La Llorona and El Cucuy transcend time, space and generations. We are also a pretty crafty group of people. So, with pumpkin carving being a thing, it just makes sense that Latinos would find a way to make them the grand objects of Latino culture every Latino house needs at Halloween. We don’t do anything basic and these imaginative pumpkins show just how far we go to make sure that our culture is front and center for every holiday.

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