15 Photos of the Most Clever Couples’ Costumes from Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun but let’s be honest… it’s waaaaaay more fun when you’ve got a partner to take your costume to the next level. Here are some costumes that deserve a Halloween rating of 5 out of 5 pumpkins. ?

El Chavo del 8 y La Chilindrina

#elchavodel8 #chilindrina ???????

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Selena y El Chico del Apartamento 512

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.01.38 PM

El Músico y La Chalupa of Lotería

Costumes of the Year, Halloween 2015 #halloween #loteria #costume

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El Negrito y La Dama of Lotería


La maceta y La chalupa #halloween #loteria #lamaceta #lachalupa

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El Diablo y La Muerte of Lotería

Sabritas w/Limón & Tapatío

#halloween2015 #tapatio #sabritas

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Tapatio & Sriracha


Flaca and Maritza from OITNB


Another Flaca & Maritza…

Litchfield's favourite Latinas ?

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And another Flaritza

If you want more pizza, vote for Maritza ? #OITNB #Inmates #Maritza #Flaca

A photo posted by Marinés Rojas (@marinesrojaas) on

Adelita & Revolucionario

¡Japi Jaloguin, cabrones! ? #parranda #diadelasbrujas

A photo posted by @angieness_ on

Blue Demon y Mil Mascaras

happy day after. #halloween #luchelibre #mexicanwrestling #milmascaras #bluedemon #ilovehalloween #airbrushmanbody

A photo posted by Amanda (@beautifuldisastersd) on

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

#FridaYDiego #Halloween

A photo posted by Brad ? Schenck™ (@bradaschenck) on

Pelon Pelo Rico y De La Rosa Mazapan*

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Sistahs!! ColourPop x Hocus Pocus Is Coming Just In Time for Halloween And I Suggest We Form A Calming Circle


Sistahs!! ColourPop x Hocus Pocus Is Coming Just In Time for Halloween And I Suggest We Form A Calming Circle


If you were around in the immediate years following the 1993 release of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus you know how much power the movie has. The Disney film starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker gave just about every child watching thrills and chills and followed a trio of evil and hilarious witches who are accidentally raised from the dead by a teenage virgin on the night of Halloween.

Over the years Hocus Pocus has proven to be more than just a movie obsession but also a lifestyle. After all, what is Halloween if you haven’t binged the movie more than once during the month of October?

ColourPop knows the story and that’s likely why they’ve come up with a Hocus Pocus makeup collection that will haunt your dreams until you get your hands on it.

Get ready for some tricks for your at-home Halloween treats this year because ColourPop x Hocus Pocus is almost officially here.

The brand’s latest Halloween collection is inspired by the classic 1993 movie and launches at 10 AM PST on September 30. The limited-edition collection line is made up of false lashes, and an eyeshadow palette with 15 bronze hues. It also comes outfitted with a glitter creme gel eyeliner!

What’s more, the makeup kit comes complete with eyecatching packaging that serves as a shoutout to the three Sanderson sisters and the beloved noble black cat called Thackery Binx.

Perhaps the best part of it all is that the make-up kit includes products with names that heavily reference the best lines in the movie including “Amok! Amok! Amok” and “Gather Round Sisters.”

The new line also includes very Sanderson Sister-chic shades of red lipstick.

The best part? The collection is pretty dang cute AND affordable.

The palette retails at $22, the lipsticks go for $16 each, and at $130, the entire bundle is quite a steal!

Sure, you might be stuck at home this Halloween but there’s no doubt this new collection will enchant the little children in your lives and make you the ball of your COVID-friendly Halloween bash!

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There’s A ‘Haunted Drive-Thru’ Experience Coming To Save Halloween And It Looks Terrifying


There’s A ‘Haunted Drive-Thru’ Experience Coming To Save Halloween And It Looks Terrifying

Miodrag Ignjatovic / Getty Images

I don’t care if it’s barely August. It’s never too soon to start talking about Halloween.

The year 2020 has already taken so much from us, I won’t let it take Halloween too. And thanks to come very creative, socially-distanced supporting Halloween fans, it looks like we won’t have to say goodbye to the best holiday of the year after all.

Orlando is getting a drive-thru haunted experience and I really want to go.

If you were worried that COVID-19 would spell the end of haunted attractions in 2020, you’d best buckle up. The brave and the squeamish alike are invited to travel The Haunted Road this fall, a drive-thru Halloween experience in Central Florida that offers a socially distant alternative to the traditional haunted house.

The Haunted Road promises a fully immersive horror experience replete with monsters and gore galore — which should ring like music to your ears if going to haunts is your Halloween tradition of choice. The difference here is that you’ll experience the world of nightmarish scenery and gruesome creatures entirely from the comfort of your vehicle. So, kind of like a haunted hayride, but Coronavirus safe.

At the heart of the experience is an original take on the story of Rapunzel. On The Haunted Road, Rapunzel “journeys into a world of disarray, faces bloodcurdling creatures — and hundreds of shocking scares.” There will also be a more family-friendly daytime version of the event on weekdays.

OK, a huge thank you to whomever thought up this genius idea.

The idea for The Haunted Road was borne from the idea of creating an original haunted attraction that adheres to safe social distancing measures.

Most haunted attractions place visitors into smaller spaces and encourage performers to get up close and personal to secure the scare. But with the coronavirus pandemic raging on, that in-your-face approach is largely unfeasible and could lead most haunts to remain closed for the 2020 season. And that’s where The Haunted Road comes riding in like a headless horseman poised to save Halloween.

“With the arts and entertainment industry at a standstill, and an increasing need to find new, safe outdoor entertainment, we knew it was the perfect time to develop a unique Halloween experience so everyone can enjoy a dose of horror this upcoming Halloween season, from the comfort of their car,” said Jessica Mariko, executive producer and creative principal, The Haunted Road.

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