The World Series Did Not Disappoint, And Neither Did The Memes

This year’s World Series was nuts. After taking a commanding 3-1 lead in the series, the Cleveland Indians couldn’t close things out.  They let the Chicago Cubs, who hadn’t won a title since 1908, take the series to game 7, where ANYTHING can happen. And it did.

I mean, this GIF pretty much sums up game 7 of the World Series.

Credit: MLB.com
CREDIT: Credit: MLB.com

The Cubs jumped to an early lead, making a few Cleveland fans think twice about their chances at winning the World Series.

As the game went on, Cleveland began chipping away the Chicago’s lead, making the game more and more tense.

Comedian Mike Lawrence made a poignant observation in the middle of all the madness.

Late in the game, the Indians miraculously tied things up, sending Cubs fans into disbelief.

Soon, the game would go into extra innings.

And just when the drama was at its peak, there was a rain delay.

After 17 minutes, the game — and the fingernail biting — resumed.

Despite blowing the lead, Chicago and its fans held out hope that they could take the W.

And the Cubs did it, winning 8-7 in 10 innings.

And Cleveland’s controversial Chief Wahoo logo got a makeover.

Some people chalked up Cleveland’s loss to karma.

Others offered Indians fans some fashion advice.

And Steph Curry, whose Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year’s NBA finals, passed the torch to the Cleveland Indians.

So anyone from Cleveland who ever made a “You blew a 3-1 lead” joke now understood what it was like to be on the other side.

And who can forget Steve Bartman, the Cubs fan who was famously (and unfairly) blamed for ruining Chicago’s shot at the 2003 World Series? His curse was finally lifted.

Bartman could finally go out in public.

And no longer feel the wrath of all those bitter Cubs fans who unfairly took out their frustrations on him.

And not only was Bartman free, but with Kris Bryant’s smiling throw to first…

… the Cubs could finally say that they had broken a 108-year curse.

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He Didn't Have Money For Haircuts, So He Mastered How To Create These Masterpieces With Hair


He Didn’t Have Money For Haircuts, So He Mastered How To Create These Masterpieces With Hair

@robtheoriginal / Instagram

Rob Ferrel is a San Antonio-based artist that is giving his art a special twist. Canvas? Too basic. This artist is taking to food, scalps and condiments to create stunning portraits of some of the world’s biggest and best stars.

San Antonio artist Rob Ferrel is making celebrity portraits on unexpected canvases, like tortillas.

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#tortillaArt #robtheoriginal

A post shared by Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal) on

His incredible art has landed him as a guest artist on “The Queen Latifah Show,” “ESPN’s SportsCenter” and “El Gordo Y La Flaca.”

And a lot of his art honors Mexico’s greatest stars including Lupita Infante.

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@lupitaluinfante Sand Art.

A post shared by Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal) on

Out. Of. Salt!

He also uses colored sand to make stunning replications of Lotería cards…

…and this Jenni Rivera homage.



JuanGa salt portrait? Obvi!


*cries because I can’t draw a straight line*

Ferrel’s Instagram is full of his artworks and videos showing the process.

Seriously… How. Does. He. Do. It.

Ferrel has taken his artistry to the world of barbering.

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Cantinflas #robtheoriginal #cantinflas

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“I wanted to stand out and do something different,” Ferrel told My San Antonio about his haircut portraits.

He totally nailed this Frida Khalo haircut.

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#fridakahlo 📸 by @kickback.ent

A post shared by Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal) on

He even carved her portrait onto this Halloween Oreo’s cream filling.



Ferrel has been cutting hair for basically his whole life.

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#cheechandchong #upinsmoke #robtheoriginal

A post shared by Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal) on

“I grew up in a big family and didn’t have an allowance or anything like that so I was always cutting my own hair, cutting my brother’s hair,” Ferrel told ESPN FC. “I was always drawing, too, when I was a kid. Art is my passion so I’ve just combined the two.”

There seems to be nothing he can’t turn into art. Just look at this avocado Yoda.


And this Tapatío man made with Tapatío.


So meta, dude.

And, yes, he did take his time to offer the world a political look into his mind.


That Donald Trump, poopy diaper portrait is savage. ?

His artwork has been praised by the celebs he recreates and his designs have attracted numerous fans.

“I’ve had people fly in across the county to come and get a design,” Ferrel told San Antonio Express News. “This one client came from another state to get a portrait of his brother for his funeral, and he flew back to India, and he was supposed to wear it in India.”

He’s even given Jesus a special shoutout.


But none of his artwork compares to this spectacular portrait of La Reina.

*checks bank account and tries to negotiate for a portrait*

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