15 GIFs That Prove Oscar Isaac Is Hot AF

Stop whatever you’re doing right now! It’s time to talk about how hot Oscar Issac is.

The Guatemalan-Cuban actor is known for such diverse roles as Llewyn Davis (Inside Llewyn Davis), Poe Dameron (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Nathan Bateman (Ex Machina), but one common factor remains: Oscar Isaac is fly as hell. He’s also funny, charming, insanely talented… The list just goes on and on. So here, then, are 15 GIFs that prove Oscar Isaac is hot af:

1. When he’s just simply introducing himself.


Uhhhh, what was I doing? Couldn’t tell you. I’m so distracted by Oscar Isaac just stating who he is. Has anything ever been hotter?

2. Whenever he laughs.

Credit: MTV News

Who am I? What’s my name? What was I just doing? Hard to say, since I’m now deceased after viewing such a beautiful spectacle.

3. This. Just this.

Credit: Chivas Regal / YouTube

There was the me before this GIF, and then me after this GIF. I will never be the same.

4. When he’s shirtless and everything is perfect.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Is it warm in here? Lord have mercy.

5. When he did this move.

Credit: TUMBLR / OhMyDisney

Oh good, I was worried I was too happy alive. About time that I needed something to completely slay me, such as this GIF of Oscar Isaac licking his fingers.

6. When he looked confused as hell in a beanie.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Don’t worry, it was possible for Oscar Isaac to get more attractive; you just needed to stick him in a beanie!

7. When he said the words we’re all thinking always.

Credit: CBS Films

Amen, honey. Let’s snuggle and drink coffee.

8. That time he smiled in front of a blue wall.

Credit: TUMBLR / OscarIcaas

Blue never looked so good.

9. When he was all beat up and wonderful.

Credit: Walt Disney StudiosMotion Pictures

Kylo Ren might not like Poe Dameron, but I do. Be right back while I keep myself from hyperventilating over this smirk.

10. When he somehow pulled off this very scary facial hair.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


11. When his hips didn’t lie.

Credit: A24

Go on witcha bad self, Oscar!

12. When he’s talking ’bout beans.


Hi. Bye. Too in love it hurts. Bean talk always gets me.

13. Whenever he’s singing.

Credit: Anchor Bay Films

Is it too late to become Mrs. Oscar Isaac? Asking for a friend that is me.

14. When he was delightfully inappropriate.


Who cares about the context; I’m just going to play this on loop for the rest of eternity and no one can stop me!

15. When he was just brooding in the wind.

Credit: CBS Films

Oh Lordy Lord Lord. Wind never made a man look so good.

Total shameless objectifying aside, Oscar Isaac is a badass Latino film actor who also happens to be fine as hell. How can one perfect human actually exist? Who can really say.

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