15 GIFs that Prove Why Luis Coronel is Totes Adorbs

Not only does Luis Coronel have a voice that will make your heart skip a beat, here’s further proof that he’s undeniably ADORABLE. Especially when…

1. He Blows You Kisses

2. He Smiles During Interviews

3. He Looks Up at You in Slow-Mo

4. He Doesn’t Know How to Answer a Question

5. He Calls You Chiquitita

6. His Moves Make You Want to Dance

7. He Does the Peace Sign, Thumbs Up Combo

8. He Opens His Jacket Like Superman

9. He Gets Shy on TV

10. He Wears Tiny Hats and Plays with a Spin Drum

11. When He Salutes You

12. When He Licks His Lips

13. When He Does the Peace Sign, Salute Combo

14. When He Can’t Stop Smiling

15. When He Throws Up the Peace Sign