15 Hilarious Signs that Show Mexicans Can’t Help But Talk S***

Need to get an important message out to friends, neighbors or customers? In Mexico, there’s usually nothing better than a piece of cardboard and a sharpie to get it done. Here are 15 people who took matters into their own hands when they needed to communicate quickly and efficiently.

There’s the vendor who wants customers to keep their hands to themselves.

And this vendor with an enticing pitch.


There’s the person who won’t take no for an answer.


And the person who shows ingenuity knows no bounds.


This business owner is desperately looking for a little productivity.


And this person understands the importance of speaking multiple languages.

There’s the person who politely asks people to keep things clean…

And the one who can say the same thing in just a few words.

There’s the business owners who know money doesn’t buy happiness.

And the person who is targeting a specific consumer.

This person is searching for someone with a very particular resumé.


This person just wants to keep the sidewalk clean.

There’s the person who believes littering can lead to serious consequences…


And the person who believes there’s a cure for everything.

Credit: @TavoCastillejo / Twitter

This person who knows that there are many elements to cooking a great dish.

 Credit: luis_mro44 / Fotolog

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