13 Photos that Show Latinos Live to Troll People Whenever They Can

Did you know there’s a place in Guatemala that is “paradise for carnivores”? It’s called…

This taqueria packs quite a punch…

This market is open eight days a week. 😉

#soloenargentina!!! Grande Paul!!!!

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There’s also a school that boosts your blood alcohol level:

Kakajaja paya voy mama? #laweawena

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This magical print shop obviously doesn’t mind copying a thing or two:


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A few swipes of your fork will help you enjoy this piece of retro hardware:


This place will make you pray your damaged computer can be fixed:

This guy must be Colonel Sanders’s long-lost Latino relative…

#woww #really #onlyinNicaragua #soloenNicaragua #Dfc #Diriamba #friedchicken #enserio

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This place has tacos that are ready to do battle (hopefully not with your stomach):

Oaxaca nunca cambies! #soloenmexico #oaxaca #mexico #tacos #food #foodporn #instagood #instalife #maiz #sinmaiznohaypais

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This motel wants to get you in and out as quickly as possible:

ASA Nigua. hahaha deluxe… #autohotel #rapidinn #soloenguate #Guatemala #mazatenango #suchitepequez

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If you’re in Argentina, you’ll find a restaurant with *precious* meat:

This place is great if you’re in the mood for a Guatemalan hot dog (shucos), but there are no foot-longs:

Lo que nos encontramos haciendo envíos. #soloenguate

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And this restaurant knows you won’t be able to resist the challenge included on their sign:

Digalo al reves… ???? #soloencolombia #onlyincolombia

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Christina Milian Does Not Have Time for You to Objectify Her Afro-Latina Roots


Christina Milian Does Not Have Time for You to Objectify Her Afro-Latina Roots

Christina Milian had one thing to say during her recent stop at HuffPost Live:

“I am who I am.”


The singer and actress was on HuffPost Live talking about embracing her identity as an Afro-Latina and making her way through Hollywood. It wasn’t until she was making her way through the business that people pointed out that she has a darker complexion than most Latinos people have encountered.

Her least favorite thing, being asked if she is white or black.

giphy (2)
Credit: youngmoneygifs / tumblr

“Latinos come in all colors; all shades. Even in one family,” Milian said. “You should see my mom and her brothers and sisters. You’ll have a fair skin, a dark skin…same parents but we just vary in colors, shapes, and sizes.”

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Did everyone hear that?

giphy (1)

Just because someone has darker skin does not make them any less Latino. So, Hollywood, let’s stop with the BS and let’s stop trying to type cast people as black or white. Afro-Latinos exist and it is time that they are recognized. Let’s hope people listen to what Milian has to say about being objectified and trivialized.

Watch Her Full Interview Below:

Credit: HuffPost Live

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