13 Photos that Show Latinos Live to Troll People Whenever They Can

Did you know there’s a place in Guatemala that is “paradise for carnivores”? It’s called…


This taqueria packs quite a punch…


This market is open eight days a week. 😉

There’s also a school that boosts your blood alcohol level:


This magical print shop obviously doesn’t mind copying a thing or two:

A few swipes of your fork will help you enjoy this piece of retro hardware:

This place will make you pray your damaged computer can be fixed:


This guy must be Colonel Sanders’s long-lost Latino relative…


This place has tacos that are ready to do battle (hopefully not with your stomach):

This motel wants to get you in and out as quickly as possible:

If you’re in Argentina, you’ll find a restaurant with *precious* meat:

This place is great if you’re in the mood for a Guatemalan hot dog (shucos), but there are no foot-longs:


And this restaurant knows you won’t be able to resist the challenge included on their sign:

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