13 Photos Of Hilarious Taqueria Names That’ll Fill Your Tummy With Laughs

There are three things that usually make taquerias stand out from lots of other restaurants. Fast service, delicious food and it’s easy on the wallet. So what does a taqueria do when they’re in a town full of standout taco spots? They come up with creative names that’ll make you do a double take in your car. Here are 13 examples:

You know exactly what you’re getting when you visit this spot:

Credit: Michael S. / Yelp

If you love it when the smell of carne asada flirts with your nose, there’s a place for you:

Credit: Arif M. / Yelp

This truck already has your Yelp review written out for you:

Credit: Taconmadre / Facebook

“¡Están con madre!”

This is definitely the place to go when you have to make a taco run.

tacoriendoCredit: Taco Riendo / Facebook

These tacos are probably only one size, so forget about “tall,” grande” and “venti” when you order:

#starbuches Aqui hechandome unos taquitos jaja:')

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Credit: @ezequielmorales25 / Instagram

If you’re looking for a place that prioritizes integrity over flavor, here’s your new fav:

Credit: @josediy / Twitter

This truck will make you never want to miss a workout:

Credit: Jesus F / Yelp

If you like a specific type of taco workout routine, then this spot is more your speed:

"Vamonos al crosfit".. #TacosElCrosfit #MyKindOfTacos

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Credit: @vanessa__tx / Instagram

If you’re in the mood for romance (and tacos), this place has got you covered:

Credit: @taqueromucho.ft / Instagram

What if you’re super (saiyan) hungry? Look no more:

Credit: @ladiesmanjeff / Instagram

Don’t worry, this place sells carnitas, not crocodile tacos:

somewhere in #México #Tacoste #IngenioMexicano 😋 #Sunday 😎🌞

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Credit: @ivancervantes22 / Instagram

If you’re willing to travel to a galaxy far, far away, you’ve found your new taqueria:

De autentica carne de bantha #soloenmexico #starwars

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Credit: @alexpg94 / Instagram

And if you’re one of those people who loves staying up until the wee hours of the morning, there’s a place for you:

Credit: Denise Rendon / Facebook

13 Photos Hilarious Store Names That Prove Mexicans DGAF

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