11 Things We Learned About Gina Rodriguez From Her Twitter Q&A

Gina Rodriguez has already proven herself to be the fairy godmother of social media, especially on Twitter. The Puerto Rican actor is very active on social media, so it made sense for her to host her IMDb “Deepwater Horizon” Q&A on Twitter. Here are just a few things we learned from the Hollywood sweetheart.

First, she was very excited to interact with her fans.

And she kept the same sense of humor we have come to expect and love from her.

The TV star admitted that she really wants to work alongside Tom Hardy.

But, like, can you blame her?

She absolutely ❤️’s baby Mateo from “Jane The Virgin.” ?

“Baby Mateo makes my ovaries cry sounds of joy,” Rodriguez says laughing. She even credited little Mateo, played by Aiden Fernandes, with being the best actor of the series.

There is a lot of stuff she wants to learn, like jiu-jitsu, cooking fancy dinners and flying a plane.

Rodriguez wants to work behind the camera at some point and hopes to direct an episode of “Jane The Virgin.”

We also learned that Rodriguez has a production company, I Can And I Will Productions, that will try to find some new and diverse talent to bring to the masses.

Rodriguez even took her fans to church with this response on self-love and owning one’s power.

“Start loving yourself today,” Rodriguez told her fans. “Start working on that self-love right now because anything is possible when you understand your power, when you accept your power, and when you walk gracefully and confidently in that power.” *poetry snaps*

Shooting “Deepwater Horizon” was a challenging experience since the actors wanted to make sure they told the story well.

Rodriguez is playing Andrea Fleytas, who sent up the first distress call when the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico started to explode on April 20, 2010.

While she is excited to see herself on the big screen, she is more excited to share the story.

She admires her “Deepwater Horizon” character’s strength and courage.

“I am in awe of that kind of courage,” Rodriguez said. “So, it’s not only inspiring and encouraging, but it’s also something to marvel at. She’s awesome.”

Her biggest motivator on a bad day is knowing that you have control of how your days turn out.

Essentially, she loves the knowledge that she gains from having bad days.

And, lastly, like most Latinxs, her mother is her biggest real life hero.

“My mom is my real life hero. I’ve seen her go through some crazy things and that woman is strong,” Rodriguez gushed about her mom. “She’s definitely the kindest woman in out family, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness.”

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#CancelHamilton Trended Over The Weekend And It Wasn’t Fans Tweeting


#CancelHamilton Trended Over The Weekend And It Wasn’t Fans Tweeting

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Families across the nation celebrated their 4th of July weekend watching “Hamilton.” The musical is one of the most celebrated musicals in recent history. Yet, some people have a problem with the musical and its debut on Disney+ has angered some Twitter users.

“Hamilton” is currently streaming on Disney+ and fans are so excited.

The very popular musical is a Broadway sensation. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play is one of the most celebrated shows in recent history with sold-out shows across the country. The play tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

The play has been celebrated because the actors cast in the production are all actors of color. It took a white story and was filled with people of color showing a side of Hamilton people don’t often address. Miranda admitted that he didn’t know much about Hamilton until reading a biography about the man while on vacation. He felt the story of Hamilton is inherently an immigrant story and deserved to be told with a twist.

#CancelHamilton started trending over the weekend and a quick search shows that most of the tweets are from conservatives.

There is a movement happening right now in the U.S. with people tearing down statues honoring Confederate soldiers and leaders. The Confederacy is the side of the Civil War fighting to preserve slavery and lost the war. The hashtag is filled with people complaining that other Confederate monuments are being torn down, so why not cancel “Hamilton.”

One argument being made against canceling “Hamilton” is that it is fiction. Those for the cancellation of “Hamilton” claim that is should be torn down like Confederate statues. Yet, those against the cancellation claim that the show is a fictitious account and not the same as monuments and statues built to celebrate a legacy steeped in slave ownership.

Some of the people defending the show are pointing to the cast of filled with people of color.

The show made history with its diverse cast offering a glimpse into history through the voices of people of color. This kind of representation gave young people of color a chance to see themselves represented in history. It might only be a play but it is a play that has captivated an audience of Black and brown people who can see people who look like them representing U.S. history.

It has reignited the debate about cancel culture being weaponized and weakened by bad actors.

The cancel culture has come after several celebrities and businesses calling out bad practices. It seems though that every week there is a new attempt to cancel someone or something. Cancel culture has come under fire for cutting people before giving them a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Some people want to cancel cancel culture instead of “Hamilton” and that thought is spreading.

Cancel culture has claimed a lot of people. It started to grow in prominence as social media became more and more popular and far-reaching. What do you think about Cancel Culture?

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Sofia Vergara Recalls Brother’s Death During Powerful AGT Audition: ‘I Can Feel Your Pain’


Sofia Vergara Recalls Brother’s Death During Powerful AGT Audition: ‘I Can Feel Your Pain’


A recent audition on “America’s Got Talent” made judge Sofia Vergara so emotional that it inspired her to open up about a tragedy very personal to her.

On Tuesday’s episode of the competition series, Vergara watched 27-year-old Brandon Leake take the stage to deliver a spoken-word performance that resonated with Vergara.

Leake, a former high school English teacher introduced his piece by dedicating it to his sister.

“Love is the most vulnerable thing one will ever have,” Leake explained during his performance “And you must learn to hold onto it loosely so when it leaves it won’t exit so painfully.” During the performance, Leake recalled losing his sister in the late ‘90s saying “I’m still haunted by these nightmares ’cause I have a really creative mind, and sometimes it designs these alternate realities where she is still here.”

Continuing Leake said “Still alive, and all the things I wish we could have done are played again and again and again. I’m tired of playing God ’cause I gotta come to terms with the fact that my sister ain’t never comin’ back.”

The “Modern Family” actress became visibly emotional during the performance and teared up.

Judges Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell were quick to give Leakes a standing ovation.

“What an amazing tribute,” Cowell said. “There’s something very, very special about you. This is a very difficult thing for me to judge. I shouldn’t be judging it, I just want to compliment you on what you just did because it was extraordinary.”

Mandel commended Leake’s performance saying “we feel your pain, we feel your love, and you moved me to do this” before hitting the Golden Buzzer which means he is being sent straight to the AGT live shows.

Vergara shared with Leake that his poem reminded her of the loss and grief she experienced after losing her own brother.”My brother passed away the same year that your sister passed away. I can feel your pain; I know what this is. I know what it is to have somebody taken from you without you knowing,” Vergara said before going on to say that the poem was “very beautiful for me.”

On Tuesday evening, Vergara tweeted that Leake’s performance was “a great way to end the night!!!”

In 1998, Vergara’s older brother Rafael was murdered while men attempted to kidnap him.

Vergara opened up about the death in 2011 for a Parade cover story, telling the magazine “My older brother, Rafael, was killed in Colombia… “Mother was like a zombie… I wanted to be with them. So I got a big house and we all lived together. I am so grateful to be in this country.”