11 Binge-worthy Telenovelas You Need to Watch on Netflix

We can’t help we’re addicted to dramatic, over-the-top telenovelas – as Latinos, it’s in our blood. Thankfully the telenovela santos have answered our prayers and we no longer have to wait to catch them on TV because they’re finally available on Netflix! Here are the juiciest, most ridiculous telenovelas you should add to your queue asap…let the binge watching begin.

La Usurpadora


Credit: Televisa / daydreamingcities / Tumblr

Dominated by greed and envy, Teresa (Angelique Boyer) uses her hot looks to seduce multiple men in hopes of getting filthy rich. But, as luck would have it, along the way she gets shot and becomes paralyzed! Yea, super dramatic, yet it doesn’t stop her from being a money hungry brat. But the most nail-biting part is watching her trying to decide which galán she’s going to stay: either Aarón Díaz’s character or Sebastián Rulli’s.


María la del Barrio

Credit: Televisa/ohcomeonchris/Tumblr
Credit: Televisa/ninjaciego/gifsoup.com

Thalía warmed our hearts as an orphan whose luck is forever changed when she’s taken in by the wealthy man, but Itatí Cantoral’s character, the infamous Soraya Montenegro, stole the show as one of the most violent and ruthless villains on the small screen. Just watch, she’ll beat the crap out of you.


La Viuda Negra


Credit: Televisa/Univision/YouTube

Cheaters beware your girlfriends are probably taking notes from this black widow who is a heartless killer and the No. 1 cocaine dealer in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. After being sexually abused by her stepfather, Griselda Blanco leaves her home for Colombia. Her street smarts, ruthless demeanor and business savvy make her a multimillionaire, but she’s got one massive target on her back.

Lazos de Amor

Credit: Televisa/SuperMartini123/YouTube

If you thought La Usurpadora was entertaining, you’ll be hooked to Lazos de Amor. Singer-turned-actress Lucero plays triplets. After a car accident that leaves their parents dead, one of the girls is left blind, the second suffering from amnesia and the third, well, she was just born evil. Crazy enough, they didn’t all grow up together. Watch as they reunite for the first time in the video above.

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La Reina del Sur

Credit: Telemundo/Doces-Sonhos/Tumblr

Kate del Castillo is the queen of the south in Telemundo’s hit La Reina del Sur. She plays a young lady from Mexico who grows up to be the most powerful drug trafficker in southern Spain. Needless to say, she’ll stab you, cut you, shoot you and even skin you if you get in her way. Who runs the world?

Señora Acero

Credit: Telemundo/youreyelashescovermine/Tumblr

There are lots of lessons to be learned from Señora Acero. The first is never mess with a Latina, and the second is never, eveeer mess with her children. When Blanca Soto’s character’s husband is killed by the cartel, she moves to Guadalajara to protect her son and ensues her bloody vengeance.

Para Volver a Amar

Credit: Televisa/Mark Tacher España/YouTube

This makes Sex and the Citylook like child’s play. Para volver a amarfollows six different women from all walks of life and their complex love lives, fueled with passion, infidelity and abuse. The essential ingredients for an addictive telenovela. Get your #girlsquad together and make it a wine night.

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Una Familia de Diez

Credit: Televisa/7gatito7/YouTube

If you miss The Brady Bunch, Una familia de Diez will fill that void. The hilarious telenovela with a one-of-a-kind Mexican family that get on each other’s nerves will remind you of your own upbringing with your siblings as they struggle to find privacy and peace in the tiniest apartment known to mankind.

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