These Hilarious Mexican Keyboard Buttons Will Feel Way Too Real

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could throw shade with just one press of a button?

When you’re trying to sleep in on a Saturday, and your mom starts blasting music before she starts cleaning…


When your sibling gets checked by your tía in front of everyone for doing something stupid…


When your parents say they’re leaving you in charge of the house so they can visit family in Mexico…


When you roll up to the frutero, and he says he’s out of pepino, sandia, mango AND piña.


When you’re at a wedding and some kid is knocking everything down like a maniac…


When your cousin says she’s vegan, but she’s killing some carne asada at a party…


When you burn yourself on the comal trying to flip a tortilla…


When one of your mom’s comadres keeps bragging about her amazing daughter or son…


When someone you barely know keeps trying to follow you on Insta…


When that crust at the top of your Valentina bottle falls into your food…


When you check your bank account to see when your direct deposit will hit and you realize you don’t get paid until the following week…


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This Actor Had No Idea She Was Mexican Until She Changed Schools In Third Grade


This Actor Had No Idea She Was Mexican Until She Changed Schools In Third Grade

@evalongoria / Instagram

Latino Talks part 2 starts now!

Posted by Latino Victory on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Credit: Latino Victory / Facebook

“I love apple pie, but I love micheladas. I love Britney Spears, but I love Maná.”

Eva Longoria was on the Latinos Talk panel hosted by Latino Victory Foundation, where she opened up about the first time she realized she was “different.” This moment of epiphany happened on her way to her new school in third grade, after switching from a predominantly Latino school to a less Latino one. It was her first bus ride that would prove to be life changing.

“The first day that I had to be bused to the other neighborhood, I get on the bus and I have a bean taco,” Longoria told the crowd. “Because that’s what my mom made me for breakfast, was the bean taco. I remember getting on the bus and everybody had a Pop Tart and I was like, ‘What’s that?’ And they were like, ‘What’s that?’ I was like, ‘It’s a bean taco. Doesn’t everybody eat bean tacos?’ And I remember somebody saying, ‘She’s a Mexican.’ and I go, ‘A what?'”

Longoria said she had never felt so different. Since then, she says she’s been “straddling the hyphen,” living a Mexican-American life. It’s a life that a lot of people live, and she has decided to use her voice to talk about the different colors and layers that define what it means to be Latino-American.

You can watch the full panel with Maná here.

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