11 Hilarious FIFA 17 Covers That Are So Savage They Deserve A Red Card

It’s almost that time of the year when EA Sports releases another edition of “FIFA,” its uber-popular fútbol game. And once again, EA is asking fans who they think should be on the cover of “FIFA 17.”  The nominees are James Rodriguez of Colombia, Anthony Martial of France, Marco Reus of Germany and Eden Hazard of Belgium.

The Internet, however, has other ideas. Although Cristiano Ronaldo has been nominated…

It looks like Lionel Messi is the choice of soccer trolls everywhere.

They’ve got Messi playing for a new team…

Dominating the money laundering game in “Evade Taxes” mode…

And giving players the ability to unlock a new uniform.

But, hey, Messi should’t be the only one getting roasted. Copa América Centenario gave us plenty of “FIFA 17” cover fodder. EA, why not give players the option of throwing tantrums from the bench?

EA Sports

Maybe they could implement the “YA GUEY” mercy rule and end games after you get scored on five times in a row.

Because seven is too much to bear.

Maybe they could update crowd animations to include this savage Argentine dab:

Or let you celebrate your championship victories in the locker room.

EA Sports

You know what would be cool? A referee mode where you could hand out red cards to your heart’s delight.

EA Sports

Or if you kinda suck at FIFA and just want to troll your friends, maybe EA could update the controls to include a few dirty moves.

EA Sports

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