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McDonald’s In Mexico Sells Huevito Con Jamon Y Se Me Hizo Agua La Boca

If you ever travel down south — way south — you’ll find that Latin America has a lot to offer. Culture, beauty, adventure… and a bunch of junk food your friends didn’t know existed. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Dunkin’ Donuts usually feature their traditional menus with a few items featuring traditional flavors. And no matter how hard you look, you won’t find them here.




Where it’s available: McDonalds in México.

Molletes usually consist of a slice of bread (bolillo), beans, cheese and whatever else you feel like adding to the top. They’re great for hangovers. The McMolletes are just like your abuela’s… except made by teenagers in hairnets.

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

Where it’s available: Starbucks in Perú

Why aren’t these available in the states?! Everyone knows tres leches cake is sweeter than your ex, and it’ll never leave you.

Chicha Fruit Coolatta

Dunkin Chicha Granizada


Where it’s available: Dunkin’ Donuts in Perú

Besides sounding close enough to chichis to make you giggle, chicha is chock full of good stuff! It’s said to prevent colon cancer, reduce cholesterol and improves joints. Dunkin’ Donuts’ version, which is inspired by chicha morada, probably contains lots of sugar, too.

Churrasquito Patagónico

Churrasquito Patagónico


Where it’s available: Burger King in Argentina

Just look at it. If you’re mouth’s not watering right now, you’re either dead or a vegetarian. Meat lovers that they are, Argentinians decided to take the wimpy Double Whopper, and made it BIGGER.

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Corn & Philly

Corn & Philly


Where it’s available: Kentucky Fried Chicken in Brazil

You may not know this, but Philadelphia cream cheese is HUGE in Latin America. In fact, most people use “queso philadelphia” to describe all cream cheese. Why somebody decided to mix it with corn and put it in a fried chicken sandwich is beyond me, but aren’t you at least a bit curious?

Mexicana Lovers Pizza

Mexicana Lovers


Where it’s available: Pizza Hut in Mexico

This is not for the faint of heart… or stomach. Unless you’re Mexican, which means you can totally handle a pizza covered in chorizo, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and bacon.

Chicha Donut


Where it’s available: Dunkin’ Donuts in Perú

Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t sell a chicha drink, they’ve got a beautiful cake donut with a lavender-colored, chicha-flavored icing. Who is starting the online petition to get these in the US?

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Huevos con Jamón



Where it’s available: McDonald’s in Mexico

If McMolletes aren’t your thing, McDonald’s in Mexico also offers huevos con jamón, just the way your mom makes it. Well, only if your mom includes a hash brown and an english muffin in your breakfast.

Exotic Fruit Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins - mora, limón, maracuyá y guanábana

Where it’s available: Baskin Robbins in Perú

Limón may not seem exotic to you, but how about mora, maracuyá, or guanábana? They’re not just fun to say, they’re also super fruits, and they’re as delicious as they are weird-looking. Bonus points if you’ve noticed that Peruvians have all the best fruits!

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Chocolate Pizza

Domino's Chocolate


Where it’s available: Domino’s Pizza in Brazil

The name says it all. IT’S A CHOCOLATE PIZZA! Also, Brazilians are crazy attractive so being in a Brazilian Domino’s surrounded by models and chocolate sounds like a dream come true.

Lucuma Delight

Lucuma Delight


Where it’s available: McDonalds in Perú

This flan-like dessert comes from a fruit that looks like an avocado and a mango had a baby! And yes, it’s also a superfood! I hear the taste is indescribable so I’ll take that as a personal challenge.

Would you eat any of these foods if they were available in the U.S.? Let us know below, and don’t forget to share!

This Dog Has Killer Dance Moves, CAN NOT Be Missed


This Dog Has Killer Dance Moves, CAN NOT Be Missed

PureTT / Facebook

Need something to help you make it through the day? Why not watch this adorable perrito totally school this kid in the most epic dance off the Internet has ever seen.

At first, the perrito was hesitant to show off his dance skills.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Boy: I challenge you.

Dog: I don’t know… OK, bro. Hope you’re ready to lose.

And once he started, he just could not and would not stop.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Someone is clearly a fan of Shakira. ?

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No matter what the kid threw at him, the pup was ready to come back…strong.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Dog: You mad, bro?

Kid: ?

The pooch even upstaged the dancing kid with a couple well timed hair flips.

Credit: Purett / Facebook


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And at the end, the puppy reigned supreme and the boy gracefully bowed out, defeated by his four-legged dance buddy.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Ya, the other 690,000 (and counting) people that have viewed the video on Facebook are also applauding this little dancing pooch.

 Watch the full dance off below:

Ya wa speeed…….Take win!!!

Posted by PureTT on Friday, February 5, 2016

Credit: Purett / Facebook

What was your favorite dance move? Share this story with your friends by tapping that little share button just below!

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