11 Faces All Mejor Amigas Will Instantly Recognize

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No one can say it all with just a single look quite like a best friend. Her face is basically an open book to you, and you know every little chapter.

When she doesn’t hesitate to bring you back to Earth:

Credit: Netflix

She knows you and loves you, which means she’s not afraid to call you out.

When she’s feeling straight-up silly:

Credit: Netflix

Because what’s the point of having a best friend if you can’t both be your authentic, goofy, awkward selves?

When she was with you from the jump:

Credit: E!

From crayons to contour.

When she tries to be strong:

Credit: CW

Especially true of the people who are the biggest softies deep down inside.

When she knows when to say nothing at all:

Credit: CW

Sometimes you need some time, and some silence. And she gets that, more than anyone.

When she tells you what she REALLY thinks of someone with just a look:

Credit: Lifetime

No one can read her facial expressions like you can. Which is a good thing when her form of sharing chisme is to make muecas in public.

When she’s so proud of you:

Credit: Lifetime

Your successes and achievements mean as much to her as her own, and she’s always there to build you up (and hand you a glass of wine).

When you can just chill together:

Credit: NBC

Bonus points if sweatpants, messy moños and 30 pounds of popcorn are involved.

When she knew best:

Credit: Televisa

Look, only two people know you better than you know yourself, and they’re allowed to tell you so: Your best friend and your mom.

When she hangs on every word:

Credit: Lifetime

No one makes you feel like an amazing storyteller quite like your best friend. So what if she’s heard it 17 times before, or was actually there with you when it happened.

When the obvious is true:

Credit: NBC

Duh she’ll always be here for you. As if you even had to ask.

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The Result Was Bad But These 17 USA vs Argentina Memes Were Too Good


The Result Was Bad But These 17 USA vs Argentina Memes Were Too Good

The United States faced off against Leo Messi and Argentina in the semifinals of the Copa America Centenario and things didn’t quite go as planned. Days before the match, U.S. Soccer puffed out its chest after Mexico was humiliated by Chile.

But once the match started, things quickly went sour for the Yanks. Although the USMNT didn’t get completely dismantled like Mexico, they were thoroughly dominated by an Argentina squad that looked like it was on cruise control for most of the match. After Argentina opened the scoring in the third minute, all hopes of an upset by the home squad were quickly dashed when Leo Messi unleashed a spectacular free kick to put the game on ice. The USMNT ended up with zero shots on goal, but there were *plenty* of memes to be found on Twitter.

Although the first half only ended with a 2-0, it was clear Argentina was in total control…

So Crying Jordan made an early appearance in this first half summary:


Some USMNT fans realized they’d made a huge mistake:

While others lamented the USMNT’s futile attempts to defend versus Argentina.

Once Argentina scored a third goal early in the second half, some worried if it could get as ugly as Mexico vs Chile:

While others believed goalkeeper Tim Howard, who was on the bench, could have kept them in the game.


Once the game ended 4-0 in favor of Argentina, Crying Jordan remerged in full force. Here’s the old U.S. soccer logo…

Credit: @djddueces / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @djddueces / Twitter

The new U.S. Soccer logo…

And the USMNT starting eleven versus Argentina.

Credit: @djddueces / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @djddueces / Twitter

A new flag was raised.


Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t wipe away the tears.

Some people went back in history…


Waaaay back.

Credit: @StephenDFusco / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @StephenDFusco / Twitter

Mt. Rushover was given a facelift…

Credit: Chef_BoyarB / Will_Consuegra / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: Chef_BoyarB / Will_Consuegra / Twitter

And people realized that Leo Messi was not to be messed with.

This Argentina fan was caught adding insult to injury…

And this Kanye GIF summed up how quickly the game turned for the USMNT.

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