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10 San Francisco Meals You Need To Try Before You Die

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The Bay Area is famous for a lot of things: fog, hills, outrageous rents and Lil B, to name a few. But, food is a HUGE reason why so many come to visit San Francisco. In fact, some of the best taquerias and pupuserias can be found in the Golden Gate City. Check out our picks:

El Metate

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You’ll be pleased with anything you order at El Metate, but the burritos, fish tacos and veggie tortas are particularly mágicos.

Taqueria Can-cún

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Taqueria Can-cún has three locations throughout the city. We recommend the one at 3211 Mission Street. It’s open late, and the burritos and guac are always made to perfection.

Colibrí Mexican Bistro

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Over in Nob Hill, Colibrí features a Central Mexican menu. From the pozole to the sopes, everything tastes like it was made with love, but the chilaquiles in particular are so good they might break your heart.

Limón Rotisserie

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One word: pollo. This Peruvian joint has a few locations and all of them will exceed your wildest dreams of what chicken should taste like. Also, the sauces are life changing.

La Torta Gorda

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This cute, old school diner serves up las tortas mas chingonas for a price that won’t break the bank.

Parada 22

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Located in the Haight, Parada 22 is your ultimate spot for fare puertorriqueño. Every meal comes on extremely large plates and the mofongo and pernil asado are incredible.

Los Panchos

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Coming straight at you from El Salvador, pupusas are special saucer-shaped masa cakes filled with delicious meat, queso, beans, and/or veggies. Los Panchos on Mission Street knows how to do them right.

Pica Pica

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The arepa is a beautiful creation from Venezuela, which has fortunately found a home on Valencia Street at Pica Pica. Don’t forget to order a side of yuca fries – están riquísimas.


Because rainy Monday's call for mezcal?#mezcalmonday #nopalize #nopalitosf #delmaguey

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Nopalito has got it going on in terms of organic and locally-sourced Mexican dishes and their mezcal menu is on point.

La Santaneca

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Craving tamales? This Mission District staple serves the best tamales salvadoreños ever. Their caldo de res will cure any cold and the prices are as they should be: cheap.

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What’s your favorite place to eat in San Francisco? Let us know by clicking the button below; we’re basically always hungry.

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