10 Reasons Why Miami Is Basically Its Own Country

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Technically, Miami is just another city in the U.S., right? Well, kind of. Those of us who’ve lived there know it’s pretty much its very own country. Here are some straightforward facts that prove it:

In Miami, traffic rules are merely suggestions.


Miami drivers are so, uh, creative that you can even catch them cruising on the opposite side of the street with their lights off at 11 p.m.

The wildlife is not so wild.

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There’s no real divide between the great outdoors and your living room. You might step on a lizard or a incredibly large cockroach anywhere at any given time, especially in the summer.

EVERYONE habla español.


Spanglish is pretty much Miami’s official language. And those who don’t know it can feel pretty left out.

NO ONE drinks lattes.


Cafecito, café con leche, colada and cortaditos are what’s up.

It’s all about the fiesta.


People love to party everywhere, Miamenses just do it like they didn’t have jobs or any other responsibilities to tend to.

Bilingual isn’t even a concept.


Your math teacher might switch between English and Spanish at any given time without batting an eyelash.

Corruption is as tangible as it is accepted.


Why spend any tax money on public transportation when you can build a giant baseball park with a a concrete roof that moves when it rains instead? Just saying.

Club clothes are just clothes.


Mini dresses and 9-inch heels are totally acceptable en la iglesia. Throw on a blazer, and now you’re ready for the office, too.


And they end up giving into Latinx culture. (Or moving.)

Hot weather takes on a whole new definition.


They’ll never survive anywhere else.

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What else is unique about Miami? Tell us over a cortadito.

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