007 Reasons Why A Latino Would Make The Perfect James Bond

In the search for the next James Bond, Hollywood is apparently considering Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo for the role. While we’re pretty sure this gesture is nothing more than lip service from an industry known for its #Oscarsowhite controversies, but we couldn’t help but wonder what a Latino would bring to the role of 007.

1. Latino Bond is no stranger to Drama.

Credit: Soap Fights / YouTube

James Bond is a ladies man, and as a result, he has been slapped by more than a few women over the years. Latino Bond grew up watching telenovelas with his abuela. If anyone has spent a lifetime preparing for the passion of an irate lover, it’s Latino Bond.

2. Latino Bond would have much better gadgets.


3. A Latino Bond would be better dressed.


4. A Latino Bond would mix up the drinking game.

5. A Latino Bond is used to having an overbearing, possibly drunk mother-figure boss him around.

6. A Latino Bond will have better villains.

7. Latino Bond would ride in style.

Credit: Great Big Story / YouTube

We all know Bond prefers his high performance luxury cars, but have you ever stopped to think about the emissions those cars put out when they’re in high pursuit of a criminal mastermind? Latino Bond will ride in style for sure, but he’ll also leave no carbon footprint when he cruises on his lowrider bike.

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Why else would a Latino actor make a better Bond? Leave your comments below.

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