YouTube Erupts: Mituberos Respond to Trump’s Racist Comments

Latinos around the world continue to speak out against Donal Trump’s comments about Mexicans and immigrants. Here’s what mitú’s Mituberos had to say to their millions of YouTube followers:

Daniel Fernandez

Credit: Daniel Fernandez / YouTube

Fernandez was so affected by Trump’s remarks, he took time from his regularly scheduled magic shenanigans to bring you this video.

“When you say, Mr. Donald Trump, that Mexico is sending its people over as if it were a government protocol, you are simply flawed sir. These are people that are quite literally and desperately seeking the basic human rights of survival.”

Oh Em Gee, It’s Eddie G!:


Credit: Oh Em Gee, It’s Eddie G! / YouTube

Eddie G! decided to take a satirical approach with his popular loudmouthed character, Tiburcio, to show just how inane Trump’s comments were.

“Today, I saw in the noticias that a bunch of people are running for presidente of the United States: HiLARiA CLiNTON, Teodoro Cruz, El Perrito de Tejas y, the other day, El Pelón Pelo Rico también anuncio.  So because I have a better mustache than all of those people put together, I thought…¿Porque yo no?”


Credit: QueFishTV / YouTube

It may not be the sexiest topic on the Internet, but it is provocative.  QueFish brings it home with her comments on the Trump.

“Donald Trump is super conservative. If he wins the presidency it’s going to become illegal for women to wear pants. Anything that’s not gringa or blanca will be a crime.”

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Credit: Los Volgs de Dross / YouTube

Dross took to YouTube to explain why we shouldn’t even bother with a man like this.

“It’s a waste of time to get offended by Donald Trump’s remarks. Why? It’s simple. Principally, he does not have any chance of becoming president of the United States…Donald Trump is no more or less than a maniacal clown trying to get attention. This is why he will never be president of the United States. This is why is he is exclusively doing it so people worldwide talk about him. This is why, in the end, we shouldn’t pay him an ounce of attention. We shouldn’t waste our time hating or detesting him.”

Gente De Confianza:

Credit: GenteDeConfianza / YouTube

Your three favorite gentlemen, José “El Pepe” Salazar, El Hijo Del Cielo and Geru, engage in a lively debate, er, rather just aggressively agree with each other that Trump is a clown.

“Donald Trump is a clown. He literally has the hair to be a real clown. He’s the owner of stupid businesses like Miss Universe and The Apprentice, which doesn’t interest us. Trump, you’re not going to get anywhere, you’re not going to win the Republican vote.”

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Humor Negro Makalakesh:


Humor Negro Makalakesh is the most pissed off.  Listen to him nail Trump to the wall.

“Donald Trump is a Republican and it it’s enough to listen to him para que nos encabronemos. One of his initiatives is to build a massive wall along the border because too many Mexicans are responsible for trafficking drugs and raping people… Pinche cabeza de cebolla.”

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