Tis The Season For Barely Surviving Family Parties

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

Holiday season means spending ALOT of time with your extended family. Awkward small talk with your primos’ new girlfriend, getting questioned on your personal life by your nosey tia? No thanks. Here are some easy tips for how to survive the Holiday season with your big familia.

1. Betting on how many times your Abuela asks you, “¿donde esta tu novio?”


Oh si, the dreaded question. It’s the question that has been plaguing us since the day we turned 18 – why are we the perpetual single lady? To make the question easier to swallow, just make a bet with your primas on how many times your Abuelita makes a reference to your impending cat lady status. Winner gets to leave the party early!

2. Bust out Loteria to avoid others fishing for chisme.

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Because it doesn’t stop at abuela asking about tu novio. No .There’s THAT tio being, well, THAT tio and the parade of prying tias. You’re all in for chisme, so long as it doesn’t involve you.

3. Make sure you’re always eating something at every free moment.

If you have your mouth full while eating arroz con pollo or that last bite of calabaza con piloncillo, how can you answer the question of “why haven’t you gotten a ‘real’ job yet?”

4. Put on a classic Latino movie, show or telenovela.


Who can say no to a classic telenovela or reruns of Sabado Gigante? Definitely not your abuela.  Less talking, more watching.

5. Have a karaoke happy hour (or make it five hours).


Nothing brings people together like music. Give your tios and tias a literal microphone to vent out their frustration while singing some emotional tunes.  

6. Ask to help with the tamales.


This is the one time when it’s ok to stay in the kitchen. You can have a tasting party of all the ingredients and not worry over the awkward political debates at the dinner table.

7. If all else fails, find company with Captain.

Captain and Ginger, proof that less is more. #SunsOutRumsOut #CaptainMorgan #OriginalSpicedRum

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Take one down, pass it around. There’s no better way to bond than over drinks. Serve yourself some Captain and cola and embrace the holidays with your big, loveable familia!

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

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