Foods You Regret Eating After a Noche de Borrachera

What is the best snack after a night of tequila? Any damn thing you can find. But, let’s face it, by the time you wake up, you regret 99% of the food choices you made.

You start the night with great intentions.

You’ll definitely have a go at Taco Bell.


You’ll try making a fast and Top Chef-worthy meal by mixing all kinds of shit.

You basically turn into a master, fusion chef when you drink.


When in doubt, you turn to nachos.

The Classic Drunk Snack: Leftover-palooza!


Even drunk you keep things classy.

Hate onions? Not when you’re drunk AF.


We’ve all had the questionable burrito from the only restaurant open after hours…

There’s crowd favorite throw-everything-in-the-fridge-on-a-plate plate.


And for the special people who are too drunk to finish their food the same night…

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