You’ll Either Recognize These New Year’s Eve Superstitions Or Think They’re Super Strange

Here are some Latino superstitions that are “guaranteed” to bring you luck in 2017.

First off, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing either red or yellow underwear.

That’s if you want a year of love and fortune. ❤️?

Before any family comes over to your house, get yourself a new broom and sweep the entire house.


This is to sweep away all of the bad and the old, giving you a fresh and clean start into the new year.

Actually, you have to clean the ENTIRE house.

If you want good luck entering the new year, having the house spotless is super important. It’s all about cleaning out every last bit of the evil that might be lingering.

Cleaning the house includes doing ALL of your laundry before the new year.


Clean and new clothes are a MUST. Having dirty clothes laying around or wearing something old and used on New Year’s Eve is said to bring bad luck.

Right when the clock hits midnight, gobble down 12 grapes.

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Some believe that eating the 12 grapes is for the purpose of being able to make 12 wishes for the new year. Others think the 12 grapes will bring you luck for every month of the year.

Once you’re done eating those grapes, make sure to grab your biggest suitcase and head outside!

You can either spin around in circles with your suitcase or take it outside and go for a run around the block. This is said to bring you a year of travel. ✈️?

Also, make sure you have some coins or dollar bills in your hands.


It is believed that if you are broke on the night of New Years, then you will be broke for the entire year.

If there is a chair or couch nearby, don’t forget to sit down and stand up three times at midnight.


Good luck superstition? Or squats?

But if you skip all of this and fall asleep before midnight, then it is said that the new year will go by really fast for you.


Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad.

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