You Thought You’d Seen Every Selena Picture, Until You Saw These 13

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There’s still so much of her we haven’t seen.

Here’s mini Selena slaying from a young age.


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Recognize that man in the back? Yep, that’s her dad Abraham.

We’ve seen Selena with her long locks, but probably not with a short perm.

Sel's working it ❤️❤️❤️?#SelenaQuintanilla

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And that cat eye… so fierce.

When we think of our queen, we think bold eyeliner, but here’s a fresh-faced Selena.


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Such a sweet photo.

From the movie we know she loved animals. Here, we see her with two of her five dogs.

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Not pictured: her python.

?King & Queen?.

Con Selena, la reina de la cumbia, hace unos ayeres.

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Chente could not hold his excitement. How amaaaaazing would a duet have been?

She also met El Buki.

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Between the two of them, they’re giving us real hair goals.

There was also this one time she presented an award with Ricky Martin.

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Love everything about this.

Here’s one where she’s trying to calm her fan down.

⭐️ this for sure would've been me if I would've gotten the chance to meet her ??

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But we can’t blame him for freaking out. We would, too.

But when it was time for someone to calm her nerves, momma was always her shoulder to lean on.

Credit: @queen_aaliyah_selena / Instagram

And this gives us so many feels ?.

Of course, her husband was also super supportive and they were so in love?.

⭐️ This has to be my favorite picture of these two lovebirds ?❤️

A photo posted by Selena Quintanilla Perez ? (@selenaqmemories) on

Credit: @selenaqmemories / Instagram

The real relationship goals because we all want that Chris and Selena kinda love.

Get your tissues ready for this one.

Credit: Chris Perez / Facebook

They couldn’t be any sweeter.

Here are the love birds on their wedding day.

Credit: @selenaqmemories / Instagram

Why aren’t there more wedding pictures?

This picture was taken the night before she was taken from us ?.

Credit: @selenaquintanilla_daily / Instagram

RIP Queen.

What’s your favorite Selena picture? Comment and hit the share button below if you hadn’t seen this pictures before.

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