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How Many of These Snacks Did Your Mom Sneak into Movies?


Remember when $20 bought you a movie ticket, popcorn, and a drink? Well those days ended years ago and our parents adjusted to the harsh economic times by teaching us to skip the $6 bag of Skittles and sneak in our own food. Let’s give mami and papi a big gracias for saving us all that $$$ and reminisce about the crazy sh*t she’d make us sneak in…

Mami, tía, y abuelita always had us pack the biggest tote bag we had.

“¡¿Seis dollares por un dulce?!” *walks across the street to Walgreens*

Practice made perfect and our skills got better with each movie.

Credit: Brenda Cardoso / YouTube

We mastered how to organize that bag. The heaviest goes to the bottom and you make sure you have something to obstruct the usher’s view.

Drinks required more preparation.

Credit: vlogiandop / YouTube

You had to find thermos and make sure it closed properly. No one wants a wet purse.

Most times we were flawless.

“Mira p’alante cuando entras and don’t stop, OK?”

Other times, we failed with style.

Come to the movies with me ? #moviesnacks #fofreee #notreally

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“No. I don’t have any outside food or drink. Why do you ask?” ?

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And the family used our innocence to get past security.

“I’m sorry. No sabia she put that in my bag.” ?

Momma trained everyone, including our brothers.

Soda? ✔️ Caramelo? ✔️ Baggy pants and jacket during summer? ✔️ Bueno, vamos.

Mom spent an hour preparing our #moviesnacks.

Sandwich for you, your brother, your sister, her boyfriend, his brother, his brother’s uncle and for the people sitting next to you.

We matched our treats to the movie’s theme.

There’s no better way to enjoy Jurassic Park than with galletitas de animalito.

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What started as snacks soon became full meals.

Because theaters don’t sell Hot-Cheetos.

Burritos are compact and wrapped in foil for a reason.

Ony way to go to the movies is with a burrito. #movieburrito #chipotle #godzilla @andyhouin @mprovance @torresm7

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Whether it’s from Chipotle or homemade, burritos during a movie are always a good idea.

Go ‘head, take a bite y disfruta tu victoria.

Credit: gifs-andthings / Tumblr

You did it! Mami would be so proud. ? ? ?

What’s the craziest snack you’ve snuck into the movie theater? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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