Why Do You Sound Smart if You Don’t Sound Latino?

She is an educated woman and the director of one of the largest school districts in Illinois and founder of a non-profit. It’s pretty much safe to say that Ivette Dubiel can speak articulately. So why are people surprised that she “sounds” smart. Because she’s also Puerto Rican.

When people say, “Wow, you are so articulate. You don’t talk like you’re Puerto Rican”, Ivette takes offense. “That has got to be one of the most insulting, pseudo-compliments that I receive too often,” she says in her blog for HuffPost Latino Voices.

In this post, Dubiel vents about the preconceived negative image of Puerto Ricans and asks valid questions. “What kind of images do they have in their own head regarding Puerto Ricans?” “Is that image negative?” “If so, why does it have to be negative?” And, “Where did the disassociation with articulation and Puerto Ricans even begin for that person?” Truthfully, we can’t believe we’re still asking these questions about Puerto Ricans or any other Latino person. Sigh…

Read her entire blog here.

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