YAAAS! Lipstick Selfies As Radical Self-Love For People Of Color

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, seeing all these black and brown lipstick-wearing-chingonas. About seven pics in, I realize that they are all coming from one person: Yesika Salgado.

This is Yesika, a Latina poet and activist.

She recently featured some of our black and brown hermanas wearing their favorite lipsticks. And with  great purpose.

“I focus a lot of my activism around visibility,” she said. “As a fat Latina. I never felt represented in media.”

So she flooded her IG — and subsequently her followers’ — with beautiful faces of people of color, wearing bold lipstick shades. 

This feed is an act of self-love, but also a countercultural response to a cosmetic industry that doesn’t see us and does not cater to our varied skin tones.

The project is empowering for anyone who’s seen beautiful shades of lipstick without being able to know how they’d look on those of us with brown and black skin tones.

Seeing someone who looks like me wearing a lipstick that I now know would look equally magical with my skin tone: That’s the point!

This is necessary work, especially in light of the violence, discrimination, and important activism happening around us.

So go ahead: Stop, smile, and look at all these black and brown hermanxs looking fab in so many varied shades of self-affirmation (and lipsticks)!

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