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These Photos Might Make You Change Your Mind About Avocados

Credit: @gd_z / Instagram

We’re all obsessed with avocado, but like all men good things, there’s always room for disappointment.

With avocados, it’s all about timing.

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It’s more complicated than Cinderella.

The fattest avocado isn’t always the most promising.

Credit: @gd_z / Instagram

Sometimes you end up with more pit than actual avocado. #SizeDoesMatter

Other times, the pit can’t hold it’s own.

Credit: @iwillraaryou / Instagram

You had one job.

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Or you get two for the price of one.

That just happened ? either my knife is too sharp or I'm that strong lol #wheredoigofromhere #reallydude #avocadofail

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Not always a good thing.

You’d think a pitless avocado would make you happy because it’s more avocado, but…

Credit: mitú

It just doesn’t feel right.

When the skin’s so thin, it hurts.

Before & After – #AvocadoFail #RIP to my left hand

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And you lose a finger.

When the inside isn’t as pretty as the outside.

After a week of anticipation. Goddammit. #avocadofail #wasteofadollar #atleastitwasonlyadollar #instarotten

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It’s not always greener on the other side.

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But even a spec ruins it.

Credit: @jenswhole30plus / Instagram

Does a perfect avocado even exist?

Speaking of ruining, this is enough to ruin your day.

Credit: mitú

Such a disappointment.

Or when your friends tell you they don’t like avocado.

Credit: mitú

WTF? It’s like I don’t even know you.

But there’s nothing worse than when people try to f*ck it up.

Credit: mitú

Don’t mess with my avocados.

How many times have you been disappointed by avocados? Hit the share button and let your friends know. 

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