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These Photos Might Make You Change Your Mind About Avocados

We’re all obsessed with avocado, but like all men good things, there’s always room for disappointment.

With avocados, it’s all about timing.

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It’s more complicated than Cinderella.

The fattest avocado isn’t always the most promising.

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Sometimes you end up with more pit than actual avocado. #SizeDoesMatter

Other times, the pit can’t hold it’s own.

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You had one job.

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Or you get two for the price of one.

That just happened ? either my knife is too sharp or I'm that strong lol #wheredoigofromhere #reallydude #avocadofail

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Not always a good thing.

You’d think a pitless avocado would make you happy because it’s more avocado, but…

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It just doesn’t feel right.

When the skin’s so thin, it hurts.

Before & After – #AvocadoFail #RIP to my left hand

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And you lose a finger.

When the inside isn’t as pretty as the outside.

After a week of anticipation. Goddammit. #avocadofail #wasteofadollar #atleastitwasonlyadollar #instarotten

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It’s not always greener on the other side.

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But even a spec ruins it.

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Does a perfect avocado even exist?

Speaking of ruining, this is enough to ruin your day.

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Such a disappointment.

Or when your friends tell you they don’t like avocado.

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WTF? It’s like I don’t even know you.

But there’s nothing worse than when people try to f*ck it up.

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Don’t mess with my avocados.

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