Cholos Put In Unexpected Situations = Cholos At Their Realest

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These moments reveal the big Cholo Truth: Behind that rough exterior, the cholos’ deep sensitivity is matched only by their ability to inject sexual reference into anything.

Nervous around innocent kale. Looks like weed.

Parole G (1)

They measure it like weed.


They consider all of the weed-like possibilities.

If We Some This-

Until they finally determine it’s good for them because science.

Clean Feces_New

You won’t even have to wipe.

Sh-t Perfect (1)

Insightful stuff despite not really knowing what vegan food is.

Coochie Berries- (1)

They can’t separate unknown foods from sex, apparently.

Like Nut

Or anything else.

Opposite of Sex (2)

Because everything is sex. Like pride in your girl’s weight gain.


But they know their boundaries.


Like, when they warn you if latex is involved.


Because they’re also sensitive.

Anything for Selena

Cholos are sensitive and sexual.

Organic and Raw (1)

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