These are the 9 Most Devastating Things You Can Tell Mom

These are literally the most heartbreaking things we could ever tell mom.

No Tengo Hambre

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa

This is the biggest offense mom takes. But it’s not even about her cooking, it’s really about you trying to lose those couple of pounds.

No Quiero Quince

Credit: theappleisthefruit / Tumblr

From the moment she carried you in her arms for the first time, that was all she ever dreamed of for you. Because her dreams of having that embarrassing quince photo in her living room is no more and you just shattered her heart.

I Don’t Want Kids

Credit: liliana-esperanza / Tumblr

Part of her thinks you’re going to change your mind. The other part of her is terrified that she’ll be the only one in her group without any grandkids.

I Lost Your Tupperware

Credit: @wearemitu / Instagram

*RIP* Might as well look for a new family, you’ve been disowned.

I Got a Tattoo

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / Itsjoanagaspar / Tumblr

Even though she has her eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner tattooed, she’s mortified by the though of you having a tiny tattoo. “Pareces chola.”

I Pierced My Ears

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / Shellers26 / Tumblr

This was the look she gave your brother when she saw his newest bling. “Pareces vieja.”

I Want to Go Away for College

Credit: tele-visiva / Tumblr

Deep down she’s happy you were accepted to your dream school, but all those college movies are giving her anxiety.

I Don’t Think I Ever Want to Get Married

Credit: el-ola-ke-ase / Tumblr

Her first reaction: “¿Cómo vas a vivir en pecado?” And what are her church friends going to say? Worse yet, what are the tías going to think? But she’s disappointed you won’t wear her wedding dress with the puffy sleeves she’s been saving for you.

My BF Doesn’t Believe in God

Credit: Amar es Para Siempre / Televisa

It’s the end of the world. Her mind immediately goes to thinking he’s a devil worshiper.

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