10 Ways Your Older Sister Made Your Life Miserable

Oh sure everyone thinks that being the younger sister is all shits and carcajadas, but it is so NOT and gente, it’s about time we all recognize that the struggle is real. The stuff that younger sisters have to deal with will leave you shaking your head.

No one takes you seriously because you’re the baby.

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You get no respect PUNTO.

There are about a million baby pictures of your older sister.

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There’s like three of you. WTF?!

Hand-me-downs should be outlawed.


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Nor for reals, they are like a form of child abuse.

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You have to do all the worst quehacers.

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The dishes and taking out the garbage are your full-time gigs.

You get away with NOTHING.

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Your parents aren’t newbies anymore so everything your sister got away with, you don’t and it’s SO unfair.

Your older sister thinks she knows everything.

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Even if she is only a couple of years older than you, she acts like she’s been there done that WAY too much.

Oh. and she is bossy AF.

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Who appointed her Bossy McBossy Pants?

Oh wait, your parents did!

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They’re always telling you to listen to your sister because she’s the free babysitter.

Your parents never get your name right.

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They call you by your sister’s name or even the family dog’s name before they get to your actual name.

You don’t know if people like you for your or for your sister.

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You’re pretty sure some of your friends come over just to be around your sister.

The worst is you think your older sister is pretty awesome too.

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Even though she makes you mad, you freakin’ adore her and want her to adore you too.

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A Doorbell Camera Captured The Terrifying Moment A Neighbor Saved A Family From Their burning home

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A Doorbell Camera Captured The Terrifying Moment A Neighbor Saved A Family From Their burning home

braclark / Getty

A family from Arizona has tragically been without a home since New Year’s Day. Fortunately, however, thanks to the swift efforts of a neighbor, they still have each other.

On New Year’s Day, the Salgado family was asleep in their home in Avondale, Arizona when they heard a frantic knock at their door. Nicole Salgado’s husband, who lived in the home with their children, opened the front door to find her neighbor shouting at her to get her family out of the house. It was on fire.

The Salgado family woke up New Year’s Day to find their house in flames.

nicolenevarez5 / TikTok

“We were all asleep,” Salgado explained to CNN in an interview. “Then all of the sudden around 7:30 in the morning, we hear banging on our door and our doorbell is going off and we kind of get scared.”

Their neighbor, Carolyn Palisch, was there telling them to get out of the house. Footage from the family’s home security video shows their neighbor running past flames to get to the home.

“He opened the door and all I heard was our neighbor Carolyn saying your house is on fire you have to get out,” said Salgado.

Salgado, who is a mother to four children, hurried to gather her children. Together, all of them escaped the burning home safely. “It was just kind of frantic at first, making sure we got everyone out and the dogs out,” she explained. “Then once we realized the full extent of it we were just in shock as we watched our home burn.”

Sadly, the Salgado family lost all their belongings in the fire

Salgado explained that the roof of her house collapsed moments after they escaped. According to CNN, firefighters at the scene claimed that if the family had still been sleeping at the time the roof had collapsed they would have inhaled the smoke and likely passed out immediately.

We are so thankful to just be alive,” Salgado explained in a post to her TikTook page. She also included doorbell camera footage of the moment their neighbor came to the rescue.

Salgado’s video has been liked nearly 7 million times on TikTok.

“Never did we think it was going to blow up the way it did. But we are so grateful,” Salgado explained. “We are so glad it did for Carol, to show how amazing she is. If it wasn’t for her it’d be a totally different story. We feel so thankful to her. We’re always going to consider her family. She not only saved us, she saved our kids.”

Salgado says that the cause of the fire is still under investigation and shared that her family has created a Go Fund Me account to help them rebuild their lives.

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Man Records His Mother’s Vile Anti-Gay Religious Rant After He Tells Her He Is Engaged


Man Records His Mother’s Vile Anti-Gay Religious Rant After He Tells Her He Is Engaged

henrit0 / Instagram

Henry Jimenez wanted to share the news with his mother that he was finally engaged to his boyfriend. Instead of her being kind to him she launched into a vile and hateful anti-gay rant she disguised as a religious matter. The video of the encounter will break your heart and the son breaks down in tears over her angry words.

Henry Jimenez broke hearts when he posted a video of his mother’s anti-gay, religious rant.

Jimenez shared the news with his mother that he was engaged. The influencer, as so many Latinos, wanted to share in the moment with his mother. He knew what would happen but still wanted to give his mother a chance to know. What followed was a hateful rant that would leave any child in tears.

At one point in the video, the mother says that her son being gay and engaged is going to kill her faster. You can see Jimenez’s heart break when his mother continued her verbal assault about how he is a sinner.

People are stunned that the mother could speak that way to her child.

Credit: _fanyluu / Instagram

“How sad that she is so blind,” wrote _fanyluu. “And how ugly that she is such a blackmailer telling you that you are going to kill her…very bad on her part.”

Seeing moments like this are heartbreaking but create a stronger community of support.

Credit: andrewtorpie / Instagram

Being gay is one of the scariest things. The moment someone realizes that they are gay they immediately become different and have a secret from everyone else. It can be alienating and terrifying to navigate alone. Fortunately, social media created a safe space for LGBTQ+ people to connect and continues to be a valuable resource for LGBTQ+ people.

Despite the video, Jimenez’s love for his fiance is real and enduring.

Congratulations on your engagement, Henry! Love is love is love. We love to see two people happy and in love. May your marriage be filled with all of the happiness and love you two clearly deserve.

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