10 Ways Your Older Sister Made Your Life Miserable

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Oh sure everyone thinks that being the younger sister is all shits and carcajadas, but it is so NOT and gente, it’s about time we all recognize that the struggle is real. The stuff that younger sisters have to deal with will leave you shaking your head.

No one takes you seriously because you’re the baby.

The X Factor
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You get no respect PUNTO.

There are about a million baby pictures of your older sister.

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There’s like three of you. WTF?!

Hand-me-downs should be outlawed.


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Nor for reals, they are like a form of child abuse.

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You have to do all the worst quehacers.

washing dishes
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The dishes and taking out the garbage are your full-time gigs.

You get away with NOTHING.

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Your parents aren’t newbies anymore so everything your sister got away with, you don’t and it’s SO unfair.

Your older sister thinks she knows everything.

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Even if she is only a couple of years older than you, she acts like she’s been there done that WAY too much.

Oh. and she is bossy AF.

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Who appointed her Bossy McBossy Pants?

Oh wait, your parents did!

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They’re always telling you to listen to your sister because she’s the free babysitter.

Your parents never get your name right.

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They call you by your sister’s name or even the family dog’s name before they get to your actual name.

You don’t know if people like you for your or for your sister.

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You’re pretty sure some of your friends come over just to be around your sister.

The worst is you think your older sister is pretty awesome too.

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Even though she makes you mad, you freakin’ adore her and want her to adore you too.

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These Things Define True Happiness for Latinos

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When “Ginza” comes on in the grocery store and you’re like…

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Suddenly you’ve forgotten all your troubles…along with the milk.

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Burning up the dance floor with a beautiful stranger.

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May I have another dance…or shall we just elope?

A plate full of tacos.

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Just meat, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, lime and salsa. No fancy fusion funk thank you very much.

A cold cerveza after a workout.


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Time to “hydrate” and replenish those calories.

Dressing to kill.


Credit: @daniel.caldera / Instagram

And when strangers compliment you, it’s like the best feeling eeever.

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Opening a perfectly ripe avocado.

Credit: @avocadosfrommexio / Instagram

In that perfectly sweet spot between hard and rotten that seems to last about an hour.

Digging out the last of the Pelo Tamarindo with your fingers like when you were 4.

Credit: @karymorak / Instagram

Spicy, sticky orange high five!


Credit: howdoiputthisdisney / Tumblr

¡Realeza por un día!

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Partying until the sun comes up.


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There goes the paycheck.

…and of course menudo the morning after.

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Is there anything it can’t cure?!

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