Worst Questions Latino Vegans Get Asked

This is how every conversation goes when you reveal you’re vegan AND Latino…

It begins with a dramatic gasp. Always.

How are you even Mexican (or Cuban or Argentine or Salvadoran…) and vegan?

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Followed by the ignorant questions about what exactly it means to be vegan. Queue the eyerolls.

So you mean you don’t eat meat, got it.

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But, what about pollo? Chicken’s a bird.

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Mariscos? Come on, shrimp isn’t even an animal.

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Then people pretend to be concerned for your health.

Aren’t you always hungry?

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How do you survive? I could never do it.

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Only the strong survive ?.

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I hear your hair falls out if you go vegan.

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Do I look bald to you?

And if you’re vegan you def can’t play sports… because you don’t intake protein.

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Actually some top athletes are vegan.

I have a friend of a friend of a friend who went vegan… and died.

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Umm… No you don’t.

Then come hundreds of questions about what you can and can’t eat.

So no carne asada at all? What about tacos al pastor? Tacos al pastor have piña and pineapple is vegan. ?

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So, do you only eat tacos with cilantro?

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Or tofu, nopales, mushroom, potato… I can go on forever.

Don’t tortillas have lard… or egg?

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I can’t.

Conchas have egg, but there’s no meat. Is that vegan?


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How do you resist horchata?

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I don’t.

What do you eat when you go to quinceañeras?


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Oh god, here come the dessert questions…

How do you get your sugar fix? Isn’t this tempting?

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Can you eat flan?

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What about churros?

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Have you ever had tres leches?

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Do you even have candles and cake on your birthday?

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Literally people treat us like we’re some kind of freak from outer space with these questions.

Is your whole family vegan?

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What do you eat when you go home?

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How did abuelita accept you after you came out to her?

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Do you only date vegans?

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Without fail, the conversation comes to a close with the other person trying to prove how they suddenly relate to your lifestyle… kind of.

Does it offend you if I eat meat in front of you?

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What about when kids hit a donkey-shaped piñata?

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I haven’t had red meat in 3 months. That’s good, right?

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Congrats? Are you dead? Did your hair fall off?

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