Here’s The Parody About Deporting Racists And Punishing White Rapists The Internet Is Talking About

Let’s cut right to the chase: 2016 sucked. Whether we’re talking about the turbulent election season, the horrors that happened daily in the news – or any world issue for that matter, it was a rough one. Because it was so exhausting, a lot of us are heading into the holiday season feeling drained.

This is exactly why comedian and actress Carla Valderrama’s parody of the Christmas classic “White Christmas” is spot on and necessary.

“I’m dreaming of a Woke Christmas, unlike the ones I used to know. Where the police listen, and quit filling prisons, and Colin Kaepernick’s a hero,” Valderrama croons in a strong voice.

Valderrama addresses the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, calls out Hollywood white-washing and racist sports logos in her song.


It’s pretty friggin amazing.

Valderrama told mitú she got the idea for the song way back during Halloween while at the mall.

“I decided I wanted to write a Christmas song that addressed all of the things that I and many others were feeling right now. ‘White Christmas’ is the most popular Christmas song and every year I put it on blast all day. This year I didn’t want that. I didn’t want a ‘White Christmas.’ I wanted a ‘Woke Christmas.’ I wrote the song that night.”

Valderrama’s video is not only hilarious, but truthful and unapologetic.


She hopes people can take away the “true meaning of Christmas” from her video.

“I hope people are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, which for me is love, and realize that there is more than one reality to life in this world and we should love each other,” Valderrama told us.

And for Latinas that dream of breaking into comedy and acting, Valderrama has some great advice.

“Create your own work!” she says. “Don’t wait for something to come along because it most likely won’t. It’s up to you to show people what you do. Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, take Eric Moneypenny’s sketch class at the Pack Theater.”

Praise, queen! Now go forth and be woke, people!

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Lauren Jauregui Was Busted For Carrying Pot In An Airport And Twitter Is Loving It


Lauren Jauregui Was Busted For Carrying Pot In An Airport And Twitter Is Loving It

@camrenSAC / Twitter

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui is the center of another controversy this year but this time it’s about marijuana. The singer was at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. when officers found weed in her bag. According to Jauregui’s attorney, the singer was only “given a citation for possession of marijuana” and was not arrested or detained. Yet, that didn’t stop Harmonizers from having Jauregui’s back and lowkey celebrating a new icon.

Lauren Jauregui fans are not letting her marijuana possession taint their opinion of the singer.

On Dec. 14, Jauregui was going through security at Dulles International Airport when officers found weed in her bag.

Fans are turning into detectives digging up old evidence.

That is some serious foreshadowing, yo.

More than ever, this fandom has totally come to her side to support, and low key celebrate, the news.


She’s being labeled an idol after her amazing year in the spotlight.

It seems that 2016 was only able to be kind to one person and it was Lauren Jauregui.

Jauregui’s arrest has only solidified the love her fans are showing her.

This fandom is lit.

There’s speculation on how she handled the situation. Maybe she wore a disguise?

Some think she tried running to avoid being arrested.


While others think she just bold-faced lied.

But, like, how do they know that it wasn’t merch?

And one fan is already suspecting her latest playlist addition.



Others think Camila Cabello might be behind Jauregui’s pot possession.

And we’re over here waiting for a denial but…

A few Photoshop wizards have reimagined the “Back To Me” single art.

Dayum. ?

Jauregui fans are falling more and more in love with each other too because of this.

That is some serious love right there.

However, some fans are shocked that she was even caught carrying weed.

Perhaps TSA is more thorough that Disney PD. Just a thought.

Her arrest for pot is just another bit of doubt that makes #Camren seem more and more realistic.

Come on, Lauren. Tell us the truth. Is or was Camren ever a thing? The people want to know.

Jauregui has defended herself against the claims that she was arrested and threw some shade at news agencies for covering her arrest and not things like Aleppo.

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