Here’s Why It’s More Difficult for Latinos to Fight the Extra Fat Than Anyone Else

Here are the real reasons why we’re a little chonchita… It’s not our fault.

We’ve tried the eating fruit thing…


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Unfortunately, the only kind we like comes covered in chamoy.

We also tried salads.

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Under enchiladas.

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We can’t say no to abuelita’s seconds.


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She’ll feed you once. And again… and again. But what kind of grandchildren would we be if we said no to her? She’d die.

Any meal without that extra guac is just not a meal.

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Going to Taco Tuesday is like going to church on Sunday. We HAVE to go.


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Ok, we go more than we go to church, but TT is taking it’s toll.

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And between Sunday and Tuesday, we need to fill in the gap with Margarita Monday.

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And basically echaste a perder la dieta on a Monday. We can start next week.

Eating tacos with only one tortilla is just not right.


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Twice the amount of carbs, but so worth it.

Most of all, we blame mom for always cooking as if she’s feeding an entire country.

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Or like the end of the world is near.

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Netflix and chill is more like…


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Chill at home and watch Teresa for 10 hours instead of burning calories at the gym.

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